Picture parade one hundred and thirty-one.

The second set of those beautiful dog and cat photographs.

The first set was a week ago.










Wish I had weeks and weeks of these for you but sadly that’s all for now! But many thanks, John H., for sending them on.

Happy days everyone!

8 thoughts on “Picture parade one hundred and thirty-one.

  1. Absolutely love them. Honestly, when I look at photos like these, I can actually feel a rush of pleasure in my brain. Maybe that’s what drug users feel? Very hard to pick a favourite. Laughed at the first. By a smidgeon, I think, No. 6, the old black dog and the grey cat.


    1. Know exactly what you feel. There’s a purity of loving and kindness in these photos that just carries one away, even for a few moments. And it’s catching! For your lovely response is evidence of that! 🙂


      1. Thanks! I hope to blog again soon. I miss your posts, especially. Take good care and the next dog kiss you get, may you send it my virtual way.


      2. Jean and I get dog kisses many times a day so please be assurerd that they will be winging your way every few hours. (Are you OK? Please send me an email if you want a friendly ear.)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nice! I miss my dog kisses!

        I am okay. Thanks for your concern and offer to listen. I would enjoy communicating. I have had many challenges, and a very recent fall down a stairway has set me back again. I haven’t gotten a dog yet. Still broken hearted over my girl, but hoping to recover enough (physically), to find a new dog-friend this Spring.

        Thanks again, Paul. I will keep in mind that you are there to listen.



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