Beagle puppies would like a loving New Year!

Please, please sign this petition to stop Beagle puppies being bred for slaughter!

Not going to add anything more than to republish in full a recent CARE2 Petition.


471427-1438026925-wideStop the Beagle puppy animal testing breeding facility!

  • BY: Jen Johnson
  • TARGET: Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Communities and Local government

Unless we take action to stop it, a new puppy farm will open in the UK with the purpose of breeding beagles for animal testing experiments.

Click here to sign the petition demanding the government revoke its approval for this horrific facility.

According to the National Anti-Vivisection Society, dogs taking part in scientific experiments are made to inhale toxic substances through masks, force feed through tubes, and are strapped in harnesses while being injected with drugs.

The facility is owned by a US firm and would be Britain’s second facility for breeding beagles specifically to be cut open and experimented on while still alive.

The other facility breeds 3,000 beagles for animal testing each year.

Dozens of celebrities have spoken out against this farm. Join Ricky Gervais, Queen guitarist Dr Brian May and Downton Abbey’s Peter Egan: sign this petition to demand the government stop the construction of a new cruelty-laden dog breeding facility.



As at 09:30 PST yesterday, the target of 310,000 supporters of the petition was just short by 761 persons. Fingers and toes crossed that by the time this post is published the target will have been met. I know there are many caring readers of this blog who wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to sign the petition.

Thank you!

Let them grow up as happy beagles!
Let them grow up as happy beagles!

12 thoughts on “Beagle puppies would like a loving New Year!

  1. I know – I’ve signed petitions [PeTA’s mainly] against animal testing. It is just beyond comprehension how at this day and age animals [especially beagles] are being subjected to such horrible tortures.
    Of course I signed this one too.


  2. Signed. I also made the additional comments that people who perform these experiments must be psychopaths and that even if my life or those of my family members depended on this ‘research’, I could never condone such experimentation on any sentient creature.


  3. I just went over and signed Paul.. its awful how such beautiful animals are being subjected to these horrors .. Thank you for the high lighting of it.. I am always aware of products which use animals as testing.. and avoid buying and keep telling my family and friends to do the same..

    On a lighter Note Paul.. Many thanks for your visit, and I hope you and Jean enjoyed a wonderful Holiday over Christmas.. I wish you both a Blessed New Year with many blessings to you both..

    Ps.. I have yet to start upon my reading material.. such has been the Christmas in the Dreamwalker Household.. it seems family came to me this year.. 🙂 I loved it.. but it left me little time to myself other than to sleep LOL.. 🙂 Hope to settle down very soon to read to my hearts content 🙂
    Thank you again.. Hugs Sue


  4. It’s a little after 6am and I have just woken up. To all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It reminds me of that old saying about all that evil needs is for good people to do nothing. You are all good people who are doing much, much more than nothing. Big hugs to you!


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