The bond between dogs and humans

We can never be reminded too often of this most special bond.

Again, the pressures of the book and the fact that Jean and I were away from the house until early afternoon, made it difficult for me to spend time writing a post from scratch.

Then in my blog folder, I saw this lovely story reported by the British Daily Mail newspaper; to be honest, probably quite some time ago.

But so what!

The bond between humans and dogs is timeless.


Touching moment as firefighters save this dog from flood waters.

Two firefighters with the Austin Fire Department were pictured saving a dog from flood waters in central Texas yesterday.

The department posted the picture of firefighters Matt Harvey and Michael Cooper with the animal to their Facebook page, saying:  ‘We don’t just rescue two-legged victims…we love our four-legged friends as well.

The animal looks like it’s been through a lot, and clings to one of the firefighters as if they’re hugging.

Saving dog

There was a bonus in waiting a while before publishing this. For the story of the dog being reunited with its owner made television news.

5 thoughts on “The bond between dogs and humans

  1. Paul, have you ever read Brian Sewell’s ‘Sleeping with Dogs’? As you may well know, Sewell was an art critic, and he died last week. He was an extraordinarily compassionate saviour and keeper of dogs, and his book details a very long life of many shorter-lived dog companions. The lengths he went to for his dogs is quite remarkable.


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