Happy Birthday Pharaoh

Our beautiful, grand Pharaoh is twelve today!

Yes, twelve years ago today Pharaoh was born at Jutone Kennels.

Here’s the photograph of Sandra Tucker, owner of Jutone Kennels in Devon, England, holding puppy Pharaoh the day I first met him: 12th August, 2003.


Because this wonderful dog, this treasured friend since August, 2003, has meant so much to me, I am going to devote the rest of the week to memories of these gorgeous years.

For today, I will close with a few photographs taken of Pharaoh when we were all out walking yesterday afternoon.









Happy Birthday old chum!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pharaoh

    1. Thanks Val. You are so right. Plus I do think that our older dogs teach us how to approach our own demise. The wisdom of just living each day in the best way we can. What incredible friends they are!

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      1. I agree Paul. I recall Roger, one of my dearest dogs who was a blind and a bit demented…. but still loved his treats and wandering off into the garden for the morning smells! That’s the way I’d like to be too 😉


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