Rescuing has no borders!

Please, please can you help find homes for these gorgeous puppies.

Please read to the end and share this post as widely as you can! Thank you!


Many know that I first met Jean in San Carlos, Mexico over Christmas, 2007.

I met Jean as a result of the kindest gift anyone has given me. Namely, Suzann Reeve, sister of Dan Gomez, whom I have known for 45 years, and Suzann’s husband, Don, invited me to spend Christmas with them at their home in San Carlos.


Before my arrival on the scene, Jean and Su had worked together for a long time rescuing poor feral dogs off the streets and finding homes for them in the USA.


After Jean and I moved from San Carlos, with 14 dogs I hasten to add, up to Arizona in 2010, Su has kept going rescuing street dogs and loving them until they can find real homes.


Many of the Mexican people are so poor that when a female dog has a litter of puppies they sell the puppies for a few pesos and cast the mother dog back out on to the street.


Our Hazel that we have here at home in Oregon was one such dog and, trust me, never have I experienced a more loving, loyal and affectionate dog.

The truest of love between a man and a dog!
Hazel loving up yours truly!

In the last few days, Su has been on the telephone to say that she has a litter of nine puppies and is desperate to find homes for them before too long.


In answer to my question about the background to the puppies, Su replied:

  • They are reputed to have been born on Valentine’s day, which makes them 8 weeks on April 14th.
  • They are about 6-7 lbs each today.
  • There are 4 girls and 5 boys.


  • Their mom was feral, but wags her tail ferociously when she spies me with her food bowl!
  • Mom eats steak, bone broth, rice, Kirkland Nature’s Domain canned food, Kirkland dry food. She has cared well for her pups.
  • The pups eat Blue Buffalo canned puppy food mixed in with Kirkland puppy food and some water. they have also received yogurt in their food which I weaned them off as of yesterday.


  • They will be receiving their first vaccination Monday.
  • They have been wormed twice.
  • They have been given anti-tick spray twice.


  • Several have at least one blue eye with the other being a brownish grey, some have brown eyes, and the others have light brown eyes.
  • I have their grandmother here at the casa as well, and Sofia is looking for a forever home as well. Bella, the mom of the pups, is a medium sized dog with brown, terra cota and white markings.
  • One of the dads is mostly black with a little white, and the one blue eye.


  • They were born in a small beach side fishing village in La Manga, Mexico.
  • The mom has a sweet disposition.
  • At least 2 of the pups have alpha tendencies.



So dear, dear people, if you or anyone you know might be interested in having one of these beautiful puppy dogs then leave a comment without delay.

If you have any questions or queries, likewise articulate that query as a comment to this post. Su will reply to each and every one.

Please share this post as far and wide as you can.

Don’t even hesitate in wondering how Su and all of us can get a puppy from San Carlos to wherever you are – it will be sorted!

Dogs spend their whole lives offering unconditional love to us humans.

Let’s return that love by finding homes for these nine beautiful puppies.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

24 thoughts on “Rescuing has no borders!

  1. I am sure all these cuties will eventually find loving homes for themselves. For your boundless love of canines, Paul, a guard of honour by a million canines await you in the next world…god bless…. Raj.

    1. Thank you, Raj! About the only thing that would convince me there is a “next world” is the thought of a million canine guards! But a lovely greeting from you all the same!

  2. It might be useful to add some general information about Mexican dogs.

    Assuming that these puppies are the offspring of Mexican street dogs then they will be tough and very smart dogs. They are akin to the wild dogs of yesteryear or the dingoes of Australia. Our Lilly, as you know, is an example of this toughness and who is now 17 years old!

    They make fabulous pets.

    I’m hoping Su will add a little more information in terms of the origins of the puppies when she is online later on.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Gracias Pablo, for posting this. As you know, it is a war down here for these little ones, as in other poorer countries as well. It is always the animals who must suffer, and especially the street dogs. They are throwaways, and as Paul said, Jeannie and I rescued so many in the years we worked together here to save as many as we could, and I will carry on as best I can for a bit longer.
    It is just so sad to see their little faces.
    These are trying times, but a small fur ball of love and affection can go a long way to cheer one up and brighten one’s day, whilst at the same time, saving a precious life.
    Anyone can email me at: who might be interested or know of someone else who is.
    Thank you for your kind interest.

  4. I will share your post at Twitter and hope they all will find a good forever home. W9e have same problems here in Spain, where people throw out their dogs, when they can’t feed them longer, so very sad …

      1. Spot on analysis! Yes, when I mentioned your comment to Jean over a quick lunch she and I agreed that even if we had to collect road kill and cook that and feed it to our dogs, that’s what we would do.

  5. Wow! Those are beautiful puppies!

    Paul, I lost Ruthie Mae to a type of vascular cancer on the first day of spring. She was so precious and my very best friend. I’m still in deep grief, as her passing was unexpected at 9 1/2 years old, but I try to remember that she didn’t have to suffer. She and I had many good years together.

    I guess seeing these puppies makes my heart melt, but how could they not? They are entirely cute! I wish my son and I could get one or two of these pups. I bet, as cute as they are, they will be homed soon.

    Take good care,


    1. Michelle, don’t assume they will find new homes as quickly as you might imagine. If you really would like to explore taking one or two of these wonderful puppies, then email me at and I will get Su involved in the details. Let me know in your email where your nearest town and airport is?

      Thank you so much for taking such a wonderful interest. Best wishes, Paul

  6. “Don’t even hesitate in wondering how Su and all of us can get a puppy from San Carlos to wherever you are – it will be sorted!”

    —I just saw the note in your post above. If you can get a puppy (or two) to NC, then I believe my son and I would be ready. I’m sure we are ready for one. I would like for us both to have a dog, so they could be friends, but the cost of care is an issue with us and is the only reason I would hesitate to take two.

    Thought I’d leave this note, just in case. Thanks and I hope each one gets the perfect home!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I sat down yesterday when I saw your entry to Paul’s blog and wrote you a heartfelt note. Took me about 1/2 hour and tried to send it and lost it!!! I sat there stunned for a few minutes, then emailed Pablo and told him what I did (he was able to retrieve something I had written last year for me! Magic!)and hoping he can find it for me!
      Anyway, he has emailed me to say he is looking into it so thought I would go ahead and write again as I wait so you would know of my interest in you and Ruthie Mae and a possible pup or two in your future!
      Anyway, hope he finds it so I can finish my email to you.
      Talk real soon.

      1. Hi Suzann,

        I’m sorry you lost the email/comment. I looked on my blog in spam section (although, not my email spam, so I will check that). I’m writing from a small screen and can’t see well. I will be at my desk later.

        Thanks so much for thinking of me, and writing me! I hope to hear from you again at your convenience. I’ll keep my eyes out for a message from you.

        Very truly,
        Michelle (dogkisses).

  7. Hi Su – My Dad (who died when he was only 25) had one blue eye and one brown eye — when I saw these little sweeties, my heart melted. I have a dog that I got here in San Carlos and I guess I may be ready for another one, too….one with blue and brown eyes.

      1. Hi Paul – I am in San Carlos for another month….however, I will be away for the next week or so NOB. Hope that works out ok – definitely want one with blue and browish eyes. S.

  8. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Please read through this article. Maybe you can help these kind people by adopting one of their puppies.

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