The wide open spaces.

Our horses, Ben and Ranger, now graze in our main pasture.

Nearly six weeks ago, we welcomed our two rescue horses to our home.  Then a week ago I reported that Ben and Ranger had settled in. The final part of embracing these two wonderful horses was to offer them grazing facilities out in the main area of grassland.

Thus as soon as an electric fence had been installed, Ben and Ranger faced a great deal of fresh grass!  Admittedly, for just a couple of hours a day to prevent them from getting fat.

So three photographs of two very happy horses!

Wow! This I can't believe!
Wow! This I can’t believe!

Ben is to the left in the above picture; Ranger head down nibbling grass as if it was going out of fashion!

Grass, grass and, yes, more grass!
Grass, grass and, yes, more grass!


This time it is Ranger looking at the camera in the above picture, with Ben filling his chops!

Thank you Mum & Dad! Oh, excuse me for speaking with my mouth full!
Thank you Mum & Dad! Oh, excuse me for speaking with my mouth full! (Ben to the left.)

Unlike Jean, I have had no previous experience of horses.  I have been bowled over by the speed at which these two wonderful creatures, both with a background of suffering cruelty from humans, have embraced me. And Jean; of course.

Six weeks ago I could hardly touch them.  Now they will nuzzle my hands and let me rest my face against their heads.

We have so much to learn from our creatures.

8 thoughts on “The wide open spaces.

    1. Thanks Alex. As you picked up, I’m sure, from my words, this is not a ‘one-way street’. The speed at which these two horses responded to their new situation was staggering. Especially for Ben who previously was beaten, starved and shot at with a ‘bee-bee gun’ (whatever that is?).


  1. your newest children are absolutely beautiful. Sydnee knows horses by the term Big Puppy Doggies! I swear this is true. A few years ago, my boys and I along with Pee were driving on the hwy in WI. A huge horsetrailer pulled up along side of my car and a huge horse head was sticking out. Sydnee just so happen to be looking out the window when this happen and kinda went in shock – eyes got big and did not know what to think. The boys and I started giggling and I said “Sydnee, it is okay, they are just big puppy doggies”. Since that day, the name has stuck and we have lots of big puppy doggies in our area:)


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