Once again – the need for integrity.

No apologies for another banging of this drum!

Last Friday’s post Has it always been like this? was comprised mainly of a republication of a recent George Monbiot essay.  The closing paragraph of that essay read:

Stories like this remind me that much of life is a struggle against disappointment. Perhaps I’m an idiot, but I expected a world that was so much better. I still believe it’s possible. But getting there requires a daily struggle against those who would mislead us.

George is certainly no idiot for expecting a better world, or to put it another way, if George is an idiot for such an expectation then there are millions of fellow idiots out there.

That essay from George Monbiot opened, thus:

Almost everything is fake. The brave proverbs with which we were brought up – the truth will out, cheats never prosper, virtue will triumph – turn out to be unfounded. For the most part, our lives are run and our views are formed by chancers, cheats and charlatans. [Ed. my emphasis!]

They construct a labyrinth of falsehoods from which it is almost impossible to emerge without the help of people who devote their lives to navigating it. This is the role of the media. But the media drags us deeper into the labyrinth.

So with those words still ringing in your ears, settle down for just sixteen minutes and watch anti-corruption activist, Charmian Gooch‘s recent TED Talk.

Anonymous companies protect corrupt individuals – from notorious drug cartel leaders to nefarious arms dealers – behind a shroud of mystery that makes it almost impossible to find and hold them responsible. But anti-corruption activist Charmian Gooch hopes to change all that. At TED2014, she shares her brave TED Prize wish: to know who owns and controls companies, to change the law, and to launch a new era of openness in business.

And if, having watched Charmian’s very compelling talk, you want to support her, then go to the Global Witness website.

7 thoughts on “Once again – the need for integrity.

  1. Thanks for the excellent post, Paul! I was unaware of that Charmian and her organization: good work she is doing. I am going to befriend that facebook “endanonymouscompanies”… Maybe I can make friends there… :-)!

    I attracted attention on anonymous companies, shell companies, Delaware, etc. forever.

    Indeed, plutocracy is legal.And its center is the USA. See my: USA Den Of Thieves?

    One of the mythical properties of Pluto is… invisibility. The campaign against those who are against the poisoning of the atmosphere by CO2 was obviously fed by anonymous donations from anonymous companies. And so on.

    Anonymous companies is just part of the Plutocracy powering system, though…


    1. I, too, was unaware of the good lady’s work until it was highlighted at the TED Talks and have also endorsed the FB page. Thanks for your comment, Patrice.


      1. Yes, it’s interesting that no more people “like” such posts. I guess the honesty (~integrity) of the world is boring? I think, therefore I bore. Deep. Inside. All the way. Through.


    1. Now that I do agree with! Talk about the lights being on but no-one at home! It’s almost as though 99.99% of humanity is driving along looking in the rear-view mirror! My sense is, to use yet another metaphor, the train wreck is less than ten years away, probably far fewer.


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