Wonderful British humour!

A trip down memory lane with the BBC That’s Life programme.

Sent to me by Neil Kelly from South Hams in Devon.

That’s Life was a BBC television programme that ran for over 20 years.  Difficult to attach a precise lable to the format but this is how the programme is described on WikiPedia.

That’s Life! was a magazine-style television series on BBC1 between 26 May 1973 and 19 June 1994, presented by Esther Rantzen throughout the entire run, with various changes of co-presenters. The show was generally recorded about an hour prior to transmission, which was originally on Saturday nights for many years and then on Sunday nights. In its latter days, in an attempt to win back falling ratings, it was moved back to Saturday nights.

Anyway, the following video from That’s Life goes back to 1986 and involves three German Shepherd dogs and a soda syphon.  The video was ‘borrowed’ from a Dutch TV show called ‘Zomergasten’, hence the Dutch sub-titles.

If you ever find yourself in Castle Cary, Somerset, then do drop in to the George Hotel; it’s still going strong.

The George Hotel
The George Hotel

9 thoughts on “Wonderful British humour!

  1. Wow ! Those dogs responded very fast! Reminds me of George Bush’s quick response when someone threw a shoe at him !


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