Be in peace, dear Lupe.

Forgive the shortness of today’s post.

I’m writing this at 3pm on the Tuesday, i.e. yesterday afternoon.

In under an hour’s time we have to leave to travel to Grants Pass to see the vet and have poor Lupe euthenised.  She has been suffering from dementia since before Christmas and has got to the point where she has little or no quality of life left.  Jeannie has been a saint in patiently administering to Lupe’s needs; feeding her, cleaning her up, and more.  All for many weeks now.  It was about 2 hours ago that Jean knew the time had come.

A few pictures from better times.


From Mexico days back in 2008.  Lupe is second from the left.


Lupe leading Lilly, taken in February of 2012 at our home in Payson, AZ.


Picture of Lupe taken just 8 weeks ago, showing clearly the effects of the dementia in terms of her posture.

Lupe was always a challenge having been terribly treated as a feral dog in Mexico.  In fact, it was 6 months before Jean could fondle her after she had been rescued by Jean.  But slowly she learnt to trust Jean and then to offer Jean lots of doggie love.  I, too, have fond memories of being cheek-to-cheek with Lupe; her love and trust overcoming all fears.

Yet again, so much to learn from dogs.

Sweet, dear Lupe.


10 thoughts on “Be in peace, dear Lupe.

  1. My thoughts are with both of you. Its never easy to know when that time is right. But quality of life is what is important. And I’ve had to make those same choices several times and each time its heart-breaking.
    Much love to you and Jean. Sue


  2. I’l certainly keep you in my thoughts. I’ve had two dogs in my life and that decision is the most wrenching one to make. Knowing in your heart that it’s the right decision doesn’t help much.


  3. Dementia is a harsh condition. If I ever got dementia I would rather be euthenised, your choice was good.


  4. Thank you all for your loving thoughts. This reaching out to us, especially to dear Jeannie, is very beautiful. Lupe slipped into her last, deep sleep at 4:34 pm being hugged and kissed by Jean.


  5. I feel for you both. It’s so sad to lose a pet but comfort yourselves with the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice for her and remember how much of a better life she had with you through these years.


  6. Thank you, Starproms. Also want to record my appreciation to Daniela Caride and Martin Lack for their emails. In my reply to Martin’s message, I added some background to Lupe coming into Jean’s life and it seemed appropriate to post that here.


    Jean lived in San Carlos, Mexico for many years with her late American husband, Ben. During much of that time, Jean would rescue the countless feral dogs running the dusty streets of San Carlos. Many of them were female dogs as the poor Mexicans would sell the puppies for a few pesos but then couldn’t afford to keep the mother dog. Over the years Jean found homes for more than 150 dogs that had been previously feral.

    Jean had a wired compound where the dogs awaiting new homes were fed and kept in safety. One day she found this female dog in the compound that had recently had puppies. The dog had been thrown over the wire fence into the lot.

    For weeks Jean put out food and water for Lupe, as she was named, but whenever Jean tried to come close Lupe just growled at Jean. Then one day Jean had a hand held out and slowly, cautiously Lupe approached Jean’s hand, sniffed it and gave Jean a lick.

    From that tentative start, Lupe proceeded to become devoted to Jean. When I arrived on the scene in December 2007, Lupe was a happy member of a family of 14 dogs. Nonetheless, it took many months before Lupe grew to love me, as my scars also show.

    However, after a year Lupe decided to trust me as well and I gained the confidence to rest my face against Lupe’s muzzle when we would both drift into some form of doggie-human heaven.


  7. I am so sorry .. I know this loss all too well, and the hole that is left behind. The blessing here is that you know that you are doing the right thing by setting her loose from her earthly bounds. What a lovely life she had with you, her earthly angels! I think of you and your family, both human and canine, in this time of sadness …. with warmth. Eleanore MacDonald


    1. Like all the other generous people who left comments above, your sweet words and thoughts are so precious. Above all, they present an enduring epitaph for dear Lupe. Thank you.


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