Arizona to Oregon

A challenging couple of weeks ahead of us.

On the 23rd, next Tuesday, Jean and I plus our eleven dogs and five cats together with the contents of our Arizonan house move the 1,200 miles to SW Oregon!  Moving to a beautiful home with 13 fabulous acres just outside the small community of Merlin, near Grants Pass.

The view from the rear deck!
The lily pool gets checked out by Pharaoh!

But managing Learning from Dogs for the next couple of weeks or so is going to be a challenge.

So I shall be re-running posts from time to time concentrating on posts that were published during the early months of Learning from Dogs on the assumption that many of today’s readers will not have seen them.

It’s likely that internet access won’t be available to me until the early days of November, so, between now and then Martin Lack of Lack of Environment has very kindly offered to monitor goings on and respond to comments.  Thank you, Martin!

As British Rail have been known to say, ‘Normal service will be resumed just as soon as possible!

17 thoughts on “Arizona to Oregon

  1. All systems fully operational Paul – I have even removed the double negative in your penultimate paragraph, where you had [in effect] written, “It is unlikely that I won’t have access”“!


    1. Wendy, thank you so much. The day we actually set off on the 3-day trip to Oregon isn’t until next Tuesday but in terms of action, it all starts in an hour when Jean and I go to fetch the rental truck for a week-end’s packing. The ‘tribe’ seem more keen to get moving than we are!


    1. Dear Ruth, I think Paul and Jean may have already experienced something P referred to as “the giant switch-off”. If I understood him correctly this was not a reference to the US Election but, rather, to the deactivation of the Internet connection at Payson. 😉 So, just in case he is misses this, I am sure he would want me to say thank you on his behalf. 🙂


  2. Martin is doing me proud, Ruth! Still connected although the bare minimum just to keep the phone on (and a wireless IP connection as you can see). Will pull the plug on the internet in about 3 hours time – 8pm Arizona time. But we are all packed and ready to roll out of here at 7am tomorrow!


    1. Hi Paul. As an editor of LfD, I do not have sufficient access but, to stop most of the spam, you need to login and go to your Dashboard, select Discussion then Settings, and then scroll down to Comment blacklist – and type in “lista de email” (without quotation marks) and Save changes.


  3. Paul, I lived in Phoenix, AZ for two years when working for American Airlines! It really is such a small world that we both went form Arizona to Oregon!


    1. I have frequently remarked that I would never rob a bank, even one a thousand miles from home. For I know that on the way out there would be a cry: “Hi Paul, fancy seeing you here!”

      My background details are here:

      Wonder if there are any other ‘small world’ connections?

      My son, Alex, is a commercial pilot back in England.

      As you say, it can be a very small world at times. As with me meeting Jeannie out in San Carlos, Mexico in December, 2007 where she and her recently late (2005) husband had been living for some years and quickly discovering that we had been born 23 miles apart in London. Almost made me turn to religion!! (Jean and I are non-believers!)

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