RMS Titanic – in memory.

Spare a moment’s thought today.

On April 14th, 1912, at 23.40 ships time, the Titanic struck an iceberg and the rest is history.  I’m not going to add to the wealth of information available on this sad centenary except to say that 1,514 people lost their lives and they and their descendants should be held in our prayers.  And to recognise that one of those who lost his life was young ‘Jack’ Phillips, Senior Wireless Operator, who persisted in sending out distress messages by Morse Code to the very last, thus enabling the RMS Carpathia to rescue 710 souls.

Rest In Peace

Below are some local times to assist you in offering up a quiet thought as one hundred years ago to the moment the sound of a liner hitting an iceberg reverberated around the world.

RMS Titanic Ships Time April 14th 2340 – 11.40 PM

GMT/UTC April 15th 0240 – 2.40 AM

British Summer Time April 15th 0340 – 3.40 AM

Arizona/California April 14th 1940 – 7.40 PM

New York April 14th 2240 – 10.40 PM

London April 15th 0340 – 3.40 AM

Paris April 15th 0440 – 4.40 AM

Moscow April 15th 0640 – 6.40 AM

Singapore April 15th 1040 – 10.40 AM

Sydney, Australia April 15th 1240 – 2.40 PM

More world times may be calculated from this website.

5 thoughts on “RMS Titanic – in memory.

  1. I watched the star-studded, black and white, 1950-something, film of the tragedy, “Night to Remember” on Sunday, which was very poignant (even if the mechanics of how the ship actually sunk was all wrong).


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