It’s a crazy world!

With grateful thanks to Katie S.

Guess it makes sense to someone?

Civil War planes? Let me know how that works out.

Thought that was the point of camouflage?

“We had no idea anyone was buried there.”

I didn’t know we could choose?

Useful advice – would never have crossed my mind!

Please, anyone, if you’ve seen this man…??

Amazing!  Who would have guessed that?

Funny? I thought the teens ended at age 20!

That’s neat!  Imagine what he could do with two arms!

3 thoughts on “It’s a crazy world!

  1. One of your best ever Paul/Katie. I thought nothing could be funnier than my post today but, by stimulating the universal funny bone (rather than indulging in cheap political satire), I think you just surpassed me… Nice one 🙂


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