Only so much ‘heavy’ stuff that one can take at a time!

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about my dear friend Dan’s skeptic view of man-cause climate change.  Last Friday, I published a guest post from Patrice Ayme under the title of The collapse of the biosphere.  In the last 24 hours I also wrote a long comment to Martin Lack’s latest post, No cause for alarm? – You cannot be serious!  So, don’t know about you, dear reader, but it felt appropriate for today’s Post to be full of fluffy stuff.

First an update on our latest member of our family, Kaysee (although we prefer the spelling Casey!).  Can’t believe that it was only a week ago since we got Casey from the local Humane Society but that’s what it was, Casey joined us on the 28th February.  Here are two photographs of Casey taken last Saturday, four days ago!

H'mm, let me try his lap!
No, this is definately the better one!

So I think one can say that Casey has settled in very well!

Next, Cynthia, the wife of Dan Gomez, emailed me a set of wonderful photographs that had come to her from sister-in-law Suzann.  Here’s a small selection for you to drool over.

Hallo! You're cute!
Love it when the phone is left on 'vibrate'!
Hey Mum, can I have fur as soft as this?
Sorry guys, I can't open the door for you!
Ah, that's perfect! Maybe a tad lower!

Meanwhile tomorrow it’s back to the grind!

7 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Delightful! There’s nothing like a set of pictures that depict the reality of how “Everything Belongs” Sets the backdrop for a good day!! Have one, why don’t ya’?? mag


    1. Thanks Trish. As it happens, Jean is with me just now and saw your comment come in at the same time as I did. Jean remarked, “He really is a lovely boy! Casey isn’t too bad as well!” P. 😉


  2. Welcome Casey,, He couldn’t have chosen a better Home! and Awwww to the other photos.. really lovely and a great Interlude of unconditional Love! many thanks Paul 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sue. Your kindness in working your way through my recent Posts and leaving supportive comments is very generous. I’ll post an update to Casey’s progress soon, Paul


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