More on the unconditional love of dogs

Another example of the astounding bond between dog and man.

Regular supporters of Learning from Dogs will be aware that yesterday I wrote, under the heading of Paws of Love, about two examples of the most amazing bond that develops between the dog and man, one of them a very personal account.

Moving on.

We subscribe to the website, Top Documentary Films, and the other night we watched a 48-minute program about The Grim Reaper Dog.  The link to the TDF programme is here.  (It includes three separate films.)


The Grim Reaper Dog is about Scamp, a little Schnauzer who resides at The Pine nursing home in Canton, Ohio. Like many live-in pets at nursing homes, Scamp brings companionship to the residents but he also does more than that. Scamp seems to have a gift that tells him when the end is near for one of the residents and he loyally stays with them during their final hours.

So if you want to watch the film in full within the TDF website, then go here.

If you want to watch it directly from YouTube then the three parts of the film are below – prepared to be amazed!  Or perhaps those of you who live emotionally close to a dog will just find the film as confirmation of what you already know!

and then here’s part 2

and concluding part

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