A small epiphany.

A lovely and unexpected result from seeing Dr David R. Hawkins last Saturday.

Jean and I drove across to Cottonwood, just South-West of Sedona in Arizona, last Saturday to attend a Question and Answer meeting hosted by Dr David R. Hawkins.  It’s described on the website thus:

Question & Answer Sessions

These Saturday sessions open with a few remarks by Dr. Hawkins. He then receives and answers questions from the audience that relate to information presented in his books and lectures, as well as other spiritual matters and current events.

To my mind, apart from the pleasure of seeing this famous man in the flesh, so to speak, the event was not as inspirational as I might have hoped.  Largely, in my view, because so many of the people lining up to sit opposite the great man and ask their question seemed more motivated by hero worship than in a search of their personal truth.  In fact, many did not wish to ask a question, just to sit there in silence or shake his hand.

However, that isn’t the point of this piece.  The point is that Jean realised, deep in her heart, what really can be achieved through the power of love.  Jean had been reflecting, sitting there in the audience, about how quickly our sweet Corrie had died last Tuesday night.

Corrie was a young dog and despite the injuries she received having been fatal, Jean was still surprised that Corrie went from being conscious of her name and responding to touch to dead in about 45 minutes.  She was in a great deal of pain during the last 20 minutes or so.  Jean’s significant experience is that young, healthy dogs take many more hours to die from the sort of wounds that Corrie had sustained.

The epiphany that came to Jean on Saturday was that the love and comfort that Corrie was receiving from both Jean and me, gave Corrie the permission to stop fighting for her life and just go gracefully and peacefully.  It doesn’t in any way lessen the tragedy of losing Corrie but from that has come the revelation that our unconditional love for that small animal made a difference, a real tangible difference during the last few moments of her physical life.

It was an unexpected but very beautiful outcome from the day.

To understand everything is to forgive everythingBuddhist quote

3 thoughts on “A small epiphany.

  1. What a precious gift you gave Corrie.

    My girl, Free, waited for me. She had pain pills for cancer, but she was waiting.

    It’s so hard to let them go. I think giving them, “the permission,” to go is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our beloved companions and friends.

    I wish you much peace in your hearts.


    1. Michelle, You are one special person. Jean and I were at a David Hawkins event last Saturday, a Q&A session as mentioned here https://learningfromdogs.com/2011/01/18/a-small-epiphany/

      One of the quotes made by Hawkins that I wrote down was, “It’s easy to be nice to life when life is nice!” So true. In general my life has been pretty nice so I truly have no idea of what you have faced and, presumably, continue to face. You have my deepest respect.


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