Reflections on the Blog

To the many loyal readers of Learning from Dogs

This Blog has been running since July 15th 2009.  As of yesterday, there had been 777 posts – a nicely rounded number if nothing else.  It has been and continues to be a great way of communicating with the wider world.

However, both Jon and I are facing a number of challenges that make it very difficult to maintain a Post a day as it has been, more or less, since the start in 2009.

Jon is in the last few months of completing a Master’s degree with huge demands on his creative time.  I have volunteered to take a full US Pilot’s Licence and Instrument Rating with a great school down in Scottsdale, Phoenix, essentially building on my UK private flying experience that goes back to 1981.  This is going to keep me pretty well occupied until the end of February, 2011.  Both of us have private family lives that mustn’t be encroached upon (Jon does a much better job at this than me!).

On reflecting on this Blog, I have realised that the old salesman in me has tripped me up.  In the sense that we have developed a virtual relationship with many hundreds of readers that, I think, includes the expectation of a new Post every day.  But the reality is that any Blog that is written without a commercial angle, as with Learning from Dogs, should be more a reflection of what stimulates the Blog authors than trying to ‘serve’ a market – that’s the old salesman mistake!

So on the basis that this Blog is about integrity and why dogs set such a wonderful example of integrous behaviour, there is going to be a change of emphasis.

  • The Blog will continue to publish articles focussed close to the theme as expressed here.
  • We will continue to publish other pieces, including humorous items, if they are worth sharing (agreed a subjective measure).
  • We will continue to publish articles from Guest authors.
  • If pressures or circumstances conspire to mean that a Blog article isn’t published every single day, then that will be just the way it is – Jon and I are not going to beat ourselves up about it!

In the next few days, the Blog is going to pass the 100,000 readers mark since it started.  You have to realise how much that means to all the people who have written for Learning from Dogs.  Thank you!

Any ideas, comments or feedback to the above?  Please let us know.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on the Blog

  1. Hi,
    Wow, 100,000 readers, that is great, congrats.
    I also do a post a day, but I have only been here since July 2010.
    But other commitments do come up every now and then, and I’m sure readers would know that everyone has family, work, study, whatever.
    I can only speak for myself, but with all the blogs that I have in my RSS feed, it doesn’t worry me if someone hasn’t put in a post, I just click onto the blogs that have updated. Some only post twice a week, it doesn’t really matter, I still follow them.
    I can read posts that don’t interest me that much, but the next post from the same blog will interest me. Ah human nature, we all so different yet the same in many ways. Do what you feel is comfortable for you, and I’m sure the people that follow you will still follow. 🙂


  2. Wise advice, and thanks for that. May float some musings past you as you are keen on history – would appreciate your thoughts. Maybe in the next week or so.


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