Man is very, very close to Dolphin

Dolphin DNA very close to Human DNA

I had real trouble in writing yesterday’s Post about the appalling slaughter of the dolphins in Japan. Perhaps there was something out there in the ether that recognised the pain that I was sharing with so many thousands of other dolphin lovers.

Because while I was writing the article, into my in-box came something from Save Japan Dolphins about how close dolphins are to mankind, in DNA terms.

The article opened thus:

Seema Kumar, of Discovery Channel Online, writes that scientists have discovered that the genetic make-up of dolphins is amazingly similar to humans. They’re closer to us than cows, horses, or pigs, despite the fact that they live in the water.

David Busbee of Texas A&M University is then quoted as saying:

Busbee says, “If we can show that humans are similar to dolphins, and anything that endangers dolphins is an equal concern for humans, it may be easier to persuade governments to keep oceans clean.

And make it easier for all honest and loving people to join the fight to stop that most dastardly murdering of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

If you do nothing else, at least sign up to receiving the latest news from Save Japan Dolphins – which is how this Post was conceived.


Kissing not killing, please.


By Paul Handover

3 thoughts on “Man is very, very close to Dolphin

  1. Kissing not killing? Is that a dolphin trainer? Wasn’t one of the points brought up in The Cove that training dolphins in captivity funds the killings? (And that it is also very cruel to the dolphins being trained)


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