Dealing with the fear of the Known!

Can we ever conquer fear?

In a recent article I discussed the fear of the unknown, linked to the down-turn, redundancies, etc.

Per Kurowski, a great supporter of this Blog, posed the following question.

Great advice… but how do we remove the fear of what is known?

A simple, and slightly flipant answer would be,

“Develop a different relationship with it.”

What I’m saying is that when we are facing the known, and I’m assuming that it’s something unpleasant, our choices are limited. It’s going to happen, so the only thing we can do is change the way we view it.

This brings us back full circle to developing a different relationship with it.

Let’s take the word, ‘fear’.

All fear is an illusion, walk right through“. I heard Dr David Hawkins say on a CD. Granted, a great trick if you can do it!

Here’s another description of fear: Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is generally future-based. We tend to use the past as a learning reference to inform us of what to be afraid of in the future. So human beings live their lives trying to predict and prepare for the future, limited by their past experiences.

Unfortunately, the only way to work with fear of the known is to live in the present! [Just like dogs! Ed.]

Our whole society is geared up to look into the future. We are forever worrying about or planning something for the future.

To begin focussing on the present, try this.

Simply, to start off, become aware of the breath and sensations in the body. This will slowly start to remind us to be present, or embodied, in our own body.


Problems, fear and spiral thinking, often at 3 or 4 in the morning, are generated in the mind.

Thoughts occur randomly, although we call them, “Our thoughts”, and refer to, “Our mind”.

By dropping out of the thought processes into awareness of the breath and body, the noise stops, even if only for a moment.

So very few people in the world will have even the slightest inkling what these words mean.

If more of us got used to coming out of the mind before making an important decision, and simply sat with the question for a while, the answer would probably present itself.

This will probably raise more questions than it answers but that’s not a bad thing.

By Jon Lavin

[If you have been affected by this Post and would like to contact Jon, he would be delighted to hear from you. Ed.]

4 thoughts on “Dealing with the fear of the Known!

  1. You say “Our whole society is geared up to look into the future. We are forever worrying about or planning something for the future.”

    If that’s so may I advance the possibility that we are not doing a great job of it? Or, with future, do you mean next week?


  2. Jon

    If we treated the world like dogs then you would not be using a computer. For better or worse, Humans have now got into the “Progress” era. We do NOT want to stay as we are (which living in the present implies). We want a better future, if not for ourselves then for our kids. The problem is not with this core principle but the way we have applied it, with excessive short-term consumerism and more essentially, with excessive population growth. This will lead to disaster (especially with GW) , but I see litle being done to address it. When China (for whose government I usually have little time) tried to limit its population growth it took a lot of criticism. You can’t win in life sometimes ….


  3. Jon
    Baffled I am… There seems to be a semantic issue here.

    I have practiced mountain climbing since the age of 18 months, or so. I had many friends killed, and I have long established a rule: fear those who are never afraid. Life is all about calculated risk. Each climb is a mini life of its own, and, as every single gesture can cost one’s life, the context better be fear.

    That does not mean one should do nothing, and, actually the climber decides to climb, and engage existence among the known and the unknown. Those who deny that risk could overwhelm them, hence that fear is justified, they do not live long.

    And we are all climbing, whether we like it or not…


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