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Selling change – Part Four

Understanding the process of change – bringing it all together.

Yesterday, we promoted the importance of questioning.  Because it is only through answering questions that we see new perspectives.  In a sales situation, the skill of the salesperson is to have great in-depth knowledge about their products and services, the many ways in which existing customers use your solutions and likely areas of ‘pain’ that your prospective customer may recognise.

That requires a good understanding of the industry/s that your customers work within.  Because without that, you can’t ask the focused questions that will quickly get you an insight into the prospect’s situation.  The other bonus coming from knowing the prospect’s industry is that the sales approach will enable your prospect to feel as though you are there to help him.

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Selling change – Part Three

Understanding the process of change – Discovering the needs

In yesterday’s Part Two, we raised the important question of how we change our views.  Of course, in selling the ‘we’ is the person you are selling to.  But to see into their view of the world, it obviously helps to think about ourselves for a while.

The psychology of change is beyond the skill set of this author and is one of many areas left to the psychology professionals.  However, here is a very basic notion that works for the salesperson.

The role of questions is to elicit answers.  (You see, I did say it was basic!.)

But straight away, one particular widely-held idea is going to be destroyed.
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Selling change – Part Two

Understanding the process of change – Upsetting the Homeostasis

In yesterday’s Post on this topic we left the reader with a ‘flow chart’ of the process of change within a business and, slightly tongue-in-cheek, how that compared with change at a personal level.

What is the role of the salesperson in facilitating this process?

Well, firstly the salesperson should have established that the potential client ought to have a need for the solution.  (That, at least, ups the odds of an effective use of sales time.)  Whether that is from knowledge about the company or its business, a referral from somewhere else, or a solid sales reference from another customer, i.e. another of the salesperson’s customers is a good example of using the solution.

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Selling change – Part One

Understanding the process of change is vital in selling.

When a potential customer is considering a solution on offer from the sales person, it is almost inconceivable not to think that your contact is going through a change process. In business-to-business selling most new solutions require the acceptance of change.

With that in mind, it would be wise to consider the change process. Now the challenge is that the author may have a few decades experience as a salesman but zilch experience or qualifications as a psychologist.  Thus this Post looks at a salesman’s understanding of what appears to take place.

Change cartton

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Selling – finding customers, Part 1.

Prospecting with pin-point accuracy.

One of the classic ways of catching business students out is with the following:

Question:  If I am conducting a direct mail campaign, what would represent an excellent response?

Typically, students will answer, “2%”, “3%”, etc.  In fact any form of percentage response would miss an important point.

Correct answer: An excellent response, nay magical response, would be if only those that had the money and motivation to buy responded.

Impossible?  Yes!

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Selling, what is it?

When starting a new journey it’s better to start at the beginning!

The response to the recent Post on the topic of selling has been very gratifying and if that is an indicator of what you, the reader, is looking for then there is plenty more to offer.  By the way, these posts will be grouped within a separate link under Archived Posts on the right-hand side of the home page of the Blog.

Let’s go right back to basics with a very simple question.  What is selling?

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The attributes of top (sales) performers

Sales, training and top performers

Reluctantly, it has to be admitted, because it ‘dates’ me, my career spans selling, in a business-to-business environment, from 1963 until 2008, a period of 45 years!  That has included large corporates such as ICI (UK and Australia) and IBM and two start ups, Dataview Ltd (sold in 1986) and Aviation Briefing Ltd, still plugging away.  In recent years, there has been a regular teaching assignment at ISUGA in Quimper, France.  Even semi-retirement brings a flow of coaching clients!

Anyway, to the point of this Post.

A number of people have suggested that it would be valuable to many people out there if some of my experiences could be documented.  Grateful for the idea.  Let’s start with Top Performers. Read the rest of this Post