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Exit one polyp!

It’s your fault this is being published! 😉

I couldn’t resist showing my appreciation for the interest and best wishes from so many of you regarding the removal of my polyp.

Jean and I arrived at Three Rivers Hospital locally in Grants Pass a little before 10am and were quickly admitted to the pre-op room. Once I had been connected to all the various devices it was but a short wait before Dr. Nelson came in to check that all was ready for the procedure.

Amazingly, I was then back in the pre-op room after the 45-minute procedure had been carried out by 11:40am. Dr. Nelson then briefed me that everything had gone well and passed me the photos below.

I couldn’t resist sharing the photographs showing the polyp before removal on the left-hand side and the ‘crater on the moon’, as Dr. Nelson described, on the right-hand side it where the polyp once was!

scan-16The photograph on the right was taken before it was sewn over to prevent any subsequent infection.

Once again, thanks for all your best wishes. As Marina and Sue and others implied it was a very straightforward operation.