Cats no more!

Unfortunately Skippy and Hogan couldn’t get used to the dogs.

On the 19th June I added a postscript to Picture Parade Four Hundred and Thirty-Nine to say that we had brought home two Siamese cats.

But it wasn’t to work out and very reluctantly yesterday afternoon we took the cats back to CATS in Medford.

8 thoughts on “Cats no more!

  1. Sorry it didn’t work out Paul.. Some cats just want to be cats and don’t mix…
    My Cat however thinks he’s a dog…. He follows us when we walk to our allotments walks to heel and comes when called 😉

    A dog without a collar on was on the plot the other day while we were all down there.. The Dog only wanted to sniff and play I think.. His owners were blissfully unaware of their dogs whereabouts were busy watering their plot..

    My Cat however was having none of the friendly sniff…. He made himself twice the size and charged the dog, who went with tail between his legs back to his owners..

    In a way I am glad I witnessed my cats self defence act as we have foxes on the plot and urban foxes that come around.. So I know he can defend himself if need be 🙂

    But again sorry it didn’t work out with these two, they are beauties ❤


    1. Sue, we were rather hoping that these two Siamese cats would get on with the dogs. Perhaps not in the way of your cat, who must be unusual, but better than it turned out. Because, as you say, they were beautiful cats and on their own were loving and friendly. C’est la vie!

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