Ouch! My iMac has a bad virus!

It may be a while before I am back in business.

On Thursday I learnt the worst.

Not only do I have a virus it also stops me accessing the internet.

All my files, photographs and other stuff need to be backed up and then the iMac needs to be reset.

It will take some time.

Friday evening, Pacific Time.

The Mac is being taken to a local Mac repair shop on Tuesday morning. Gizmo Tech, for that is what they are called, is a husband and wife team that specialise in all things Apple.

The computer is fully backed up and hopefully I will leave there much later on with the virus banished and all my data restored to the machine.

Tuesday afternoon, the 22nd, 15:30.

My iMac has been rebuilt and the virus eliminated. It took about four hours!

Now I have to load all the applications, that I will do tomorrow.

Wednesday morning, the 23rd.

And we are back! Now using my iMac again!

10 thoughts on “Ouch! My iMac has a bad virus!

    1. I don’t know what else to do, John. (I am using my iPad.) I use ProtonMail and Proton Calendar plus Proton VPN. But I couldn’t do away with a full-size keyboard and generally speaking I am happy with Mac OS. I must have inadvertently opened an email in my old Gmail account as still a few come to me.

      Thank goodness I have a backup disc. On Tuesday a local Mac repaid outfit are going to reset the computer completely. Until then I am on the iPad. See what transpires next week!

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    1. Bela, it is true that such Apple products as the iPad and the iPhone are virtually immune to viruses the iMac is not. LogMeIn is the virus that I have and it’s foul. Well done on your backups.

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