8 thoughts on “Broken iMac

    1. Tony, thanks. I got up early this morning, 04:40, and was more patient. Yesterday, I turned off my iMac and then turned it back on again very quickly and clearly that wasn’t good. This morning the iMac needed to go through a scan, I use CleanMyMac, and forty minutes later all was fixed.

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      1. Congrats, Paul. It’s funny how we are connected to these devices – that didn’t exist when we were young. Have a great day!


      1. If I may make a suggestion: perhaps schedule posts in advance. Get yourself a week in hand, and then, should catastrophe strike, your post will still go live. That’s the way I’ve been dealing with almost all my posts for a while now. (I’m aware that you – bizarrely, in my view, but it’s good that we’re all different – like to respond to comments as fast as you can, so maybe that won’t work for you.)


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