The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

A beautiful example of humans in the supreme invention and deployment of JWST.

(A reminder that Tuesday is a ‘non-doggie’ day.)

JWST is astounding. It will look back to the beginnings of the universe, just 200 million light-years after the Big Bang, or possibly further back in time. Because of the way that the universe stretches out and causes light to go red, as it were, JWST will be searching for images from the cosmos in the infrared.

I recently listened to a 30-minute programme on BBC Sounds. It was a BBC Discovery episode about the JWST. Recorded before the launch it was, nonetheless, a deeply fascinating programme about what JWST will be looking for.

Now the link is here:

Please listen to it!

Then there is the NASA website that has many videos about the progress of JWST. I selected this one.

Finally, YouTube also have many videos and I selected this one to share with you.

I feel very grateful to be alive when this is happening.

7 thoughts on “The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

    1. John, it will be June before the JWST is in place, fully aligned, synchronized and ready for getting that data but the anticipation of what it will see is enormous. I believe that JWST will deliver some mighty surprises. Like you, I can’t wait!

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    1. Thank you, Lori. Yes, it is a stupendous mission and many folk, including you and your husband, are eagerly anticipating the discoveries. I came up with the idea of a non-doggie day because there was so much I wanted to share that didn’t directly involve our beautiful dogs!

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  1. There is so very much that can go wrong with this mission. Hubble needed a hotfix, and it was possible to apply that. I don’t think that we have the capability to do the same for JWST if something should go wrong. I hope nothing does… all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.


    1. Yes, I agree. But I must add that if the same commitment had been put into turning back the clock on global warming one wonders where we would be. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was an amazing project.

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