17 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Fourteen

  1. Paul, I’ve never asked, and I don’t think you’ve ever posted about it, but looking at that first photo, what’s your thoughts on fox hunts?


      1. I thought you would, which is why my brain did a little summersault with the photo.

        You guys doing OK? Bela had the first of two ops to remove cancers two weeks ago, and she’s doing great. I have no idea how we did it, but we managed to keep her off her stitches for 15 days!


      2. I am wondering, John, whether to remove the photo.
        But, in general, we are alright. Trying hard not to think about the way the world is going. Patrice Ayme has written that all civilizations in the end are doomed and that is the reason that out of all the planets in this galaxy where there are millions of ‘Earth’ worlds we have not found other humans. I think we have another few years, maybe ten, before we pass, so called, tipping points that make a recovery very difficult.
        That is brilliant news regarding Bela! Well done all concerned. Thank you for including that lovely photograph in your response. How are things in your part of the world?

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      3. Doing well. We’re virtually 100% vaccinated across Sao Paulo state, so pretty much everything is back to normal… although we all still wear masks everywhere, and no one complains.

        Two other patients: George (cat) has a growth on his liver, inoperable, so we’re beefing up his system and will probably start chemo after an ultrasound-biopsi (which I didn’t even know was possible). Koon (cat) is still blind. We’re in the slow process of cleaning out his salvageable eye, but he won’t be operated on until next year. The waiting is driving me nuts, but the surgeon is adamant that we have to take this time so as to maximise our chances of success.

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      4. Yes, one of our smaller dogs, Pedi, is blind in one eye and going blind in the other. Plus Pedi and our other smaller dog, Sweeney, have very poor bladder control and most nights wake us around 1am because they want to pee! In terms of Covid one is watching with a mixture of concern and interest about the new variant on its way from South Africa.

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      5. Jean and I hate them

        As do I. The National Trust over here in the UK is under pressure to ban them on its land; in a recent vote, twice as many voted to ban them than voted to keep them, and yet the NT’s official position is that ‘such votes are advisory only’, and we’re waiting to hear whether their powers-that-be will do the right thing, or bow to the will of the sad and inhumanly cruel jodhpur-wearers.


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