Your opinion is required, please!

The future of this blog!

The first post from Learning from Dogs was published on the 15th July, 2009.

Much has changed over the years and I want to assess your continued interest in my posts.

I am thinking of dropping the frequency each week to two posts; the Sunday Picture Parade and one other on a regular day to be determined. Or maybe the time has come to stop altogether.

The reason is that the number of visitors to the blog has been steadily falling. For example it was nearly 87,000 in 2013, nearly 38,000 in 2017 and only 29,000 last year.

What do you think?

Please leave a comment.

Thank you, Paul.

29 thoughts on “Your opinion is required, please!

    1. Understood Susan, but what is your view? Would you want the distribution being as they are, or being slightly reduced, or down to a couple of pages each week?


  1. The way these algorithms work baffles me. To this day I don’t understand how we go up or down in ‘popularity’. I do know though that I wouldn’t want to miss your posts even if that means dropping them to twice a week. 😉

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  2. I enjoy the posts a lot! I read them when they come through or sometimes hold off to the weekend for the longer ones. I would say depending on your time …. if reducing to two a week works better for you then that is fine as well — they will be enjoyed!

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    1. Brian, more of less a similar response to ‘Segerberg’ a few minutes ahead of you. I sense the over saturation in myself let alone the blogging world. Thank you very much!

      Oh, and I nearly forgot. Is your blog still available? I would love to take a look.


  3. We’ll still follow you no matter how many posts you do, but understand it’s hard to justify the work necessary to maintain a blog with dwindling numbers. I know I reduced my own number of posts-there just seems to be so much to do and not enough time in which to do everything. Two seems reasonable, relevant and easy to manage (hopefully).

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  4. Most unhelpfully I think its a personal thing. If you have time and subjects to blog about then go for it. I am in no position to say twice a week or your current regularity as I often go for days without blogging and then do 2-3 in a week. I am not sure the algorithms are wholly helpful either, I do wonder what basis they are based upon. I will still read it, be assured of that.

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    1. Thank you for that, and I am sorry for the slight delay in replying; I thought it was about time I cycled down the road to the local barber’s shop for a haircut! I am sure that for my sake I require regularity and Jean and I have been talking and I am thinking of a post every Thursday and Sunday. Not quite there yet but that is my drift.


  5. I enjoy your posts. Since I live in Grants Pass I do find them interesting. However many times you decide to post them I will still want to see them. 2 a week would be fine even once a week. I will still want to see them even if you decide to cut back.

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  6. Hi dear Paul, i don’t feel qualified to respond… as i am guilty of that ‘over saturation’ of mails received from a multitude of sites/blogs… and am guilty of spending more time placing them in folders than reading them. But even so, Paul, i am aware of your wonderful thots and words here… i join many of your other readers in saying “whatever is best for you, Paul”… but i know you are looking for a definitive response. I know i am happy seeing the daily postings. ~and should you wish to cut back, your loyal following supports you in that as well. All the best to you, dear friend…

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    1. Carol, you almost bring tears to me eyes. Thank you! I am so fortunate in having so many dear friends on this blog. I guess it is another aspect of the power of dogs. What an amazing species of animal they are.

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    1. I have decided to post on Tuesday a non-doggie item. Then on Thursday a post concerning dogs in one form or another and then on Sunday my Picture Parade. Thank you, Bela, for your input.

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      1. With a post title like this one, I wanted to offer my tuppence, but… the only way for me to comment on this post now appears to be by replying to an existing comment. (I’ve long known that it was possible to ‘close’ comments on a post, but wasn’t aware that there was this kind of half-way house option.)

        Though I’ve never been, nor shall I ever be, a dog owner, I for one would miss your posts, and the regular contact with your good self that they offer as an incidental benefit, were you to stop posting entirely. Creating three posts a week is more than I can handle; I’ve been posting just once a week for a while now, and that’s about as much as life allows me time for.

        I find your viewer stats interesting. Far, far greater than mine. Wibble has been going two years longer than LfD, yet its average visits bounce around ‘justthe 6,000pa mark. That doesn’t bother me all that much, but even if I were to see a decline it wouldn’t bother me much. Though it’s true that if there were no visitors at all, I probably wouldn’t bother with a blog as it’s the interaction with others that retains my interest; yet, still, I write mainly for myself.


  7. Oops. I hit the wrong key and submitted that last comment before I’d finished composing it… and I now find a ‘Leave a Reply’ box where there wasn’t one before. Got to love technology; <sarcasm>so reliable, and it continually becomes more so</sarcasm>.

    The main point I wanted to add was that, as with so many things, it’s about perception (especially the ‘falling stats’ thing), and about what it is you hope to achieve. Although I’m quite sure you already know that 🙂


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