And then there’s Ginger

One of the many stories from Paws Give Me Purpose.

I said yesterday that I would republish a story from Paws GMP. This is about Ginger and here’s her story.


Welcome Ginger

By Lea, April 7th, 2021

This past weekend, Paws Give Me Purpose welcomed Ginger into Sanctuary. Ginger is our newest, tiny, senior Sanctuary resident. Ginger weighs a whopping 3.6 pounds and is estimated to be around 13 years old. 

Since being found as a stray on the streets of Baltimore, Ginger’s history is a real mystery. Tossed out like yesterday’s newspaper by those she thought would love her forever, this little girl presents with many medical issues that required immediate care.

We are working closely with our Veterinary team to help make Ginger as healthy and comfortable as possible. Ginger has sadly been severely neglected; a complete medical workup has revealed that while there is no evidence that she was used for breeding, she is not spayed. She barely has any teeth, and those that she does have in the back of her mouth are extreme decayed and literally black. 

Her jaw is infected due to lack of proper care and she has severe parrot jaw (only half of her bottom jaw) and underbite. She may or may not have been born that way, but regardless her mouth is extremely damaged due to lack of proper care. 

Ginger has limited vision, as described to us by our Veterinarians, it’s as if she is looking at things through the spaces between your fingers. She has some weakness in her back legs which was originally thought to be luxating patella issues, but as it turns out it is actually a neurological issue. Ginger has been diagnosed with acquired hydrocephalus (her slightly domed head appearance is what first alerted us to this possibility). 

For those not familiar, Hydrocephalus literally translates as water on the brain. But the fluid is not actually water—it refers to cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF), which coats the spinal cord and parts of the brain. In hydrocephalus, this fluid is unable to drain away properly and increases pressure on the brain.

This secondary type of hydrocephalus in older animals is when inflammation, infections, or tumors grow and block the outflow of the CSF. The most common cause of acquired hydrocephalus is a brain tumor, which usually affects older dogs like Ginger. 

Medications have been started and we are hoping for the best outcome possible. Quality of life is above all else to us here at Paws Give Me Purpose, and due to Ginger’s advanced age invasive procedures are not advised. While early treatment is best in a case like this, there is no way for us to know how long she has been this way. 

There is a special light in her eyes, a clear will to live and enjoy her golden years to the fullest and for as long as she is with us, we will make it happen! Ginger is extremely sweet, enjoys being held/carried around or sitting in a lap and we have begun spoiling her. She has the cutest little snorts when she breathes and will do a little dance for us when she wants to be picked up for cuddles. 

With you by our side, we can give Ginger the chance to have the opportunity to live out her golden years to the fullest – she deserves this second chance to be happy, loved and cherished. Our promise to Ginger is to give her the best life daily with unconditional love for the rest of her life. 

We ask that you please consider making a donation to help us with Ginger’s ongoing care. If anyone is interested in sponsoring Ginger’s lifetime care in Sanctuary, please reach out to us directly.



By Mail:
Paws Give Me Purpose Inc.
2 Jade Lane 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 


This post was originally published in April of this year. I hope that Ginger is still alive but do not want to ask.

It’s amazing and wonderful what Lea and the team are doing for Ginger and all the other dogs who are looked after by Paws Give Me Purpose.

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    1. And from that video: “There is a special light in her eyes, a clear will to live and enjoy her golden years to the fullest and for as long as she is with us, we will make it ….”

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