19 thoughts on “A full reset of my Mac

    1. John, I admire your recall but the fact is that I was never an Apple dealer. And selling Windows computers in the late 70s was the equivalent of selling Model T Fords compared to PCs now. But the circumstances of this reset are forced upon me by my supreme idiocy in being hit by a scam and losing the thick end of $10,000. More details in a day or two.

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      1. Absolutely. They have the power to innoculate against the rising tide of scammers out there in the world wild web. They’re informative, educational, and entertaining, to boot.


    2. Wouldn’t work, John. I believe that Apple’s entire product line is designed around the black box principle.

      (Just trying to get a Mac-vs-PC thread going; after all, Paul did request that we talk amongst ourselves while he’s gone, and that’s a subject that usually runs for a while.)

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      1. I haven’t used a Mac for decades. But, I have to admit that I’m not particularly keen on Windows either, largely because of microsoft’s pervasive ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

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