Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-Seven

More from Unsplash!

Once again, the pictures are selected by me and duplications cannot be ruled out. Thanks to Mr. P for showing me how to download smaller versions of the photographs! It was easy once I had my eyes opened!







Just so beautiful!

15 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-Seven

      1. It was pretty hot earlier in the week but a couple of showers over the weekend. Will go back to ‘broil’ next week. 😕 52 days and counting autumn officially arrives. Any relief yet for Oregon?


      2. Not as yet. After a day that reached 105 deg F yesterday we have a cooler day today, only 100 deg forecast. It is not until the end of the week that temperatures come down to the high 80s. And the extreme fire risk continues ….

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      3. Sorry to hear the situation remains much the same for you. The weather this year has just been insane. I keep hoping it will get better especially concerning the drought. Water is life!


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