Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-Four

More memories of Pharaoh!

The first day that Pharaoh was passed across to me. He is being held by Sandra Tucker of Jutone Kennels, Bovey Tracy, Devon, Pharaoh was born on the 3rd June 2003. I picked him up on the 12th August.


Pharaoh settling in at home soon after he was collected from Jutone. This is about mid-August, 2003. Home being Upper Barn, Harberton, Devon, just three miles from Totnes.


At the other end of the scale! Pharaoh just turned 14 outside our house in Merlin, Oregon. The date June 3rd, 2017.

Dear, dear Pharaoh.

11 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-Four

    1. He was so wonderful, Monika, and a little bit aloof. That came from him being a beta status. But that didn’t diminish by one jot the bond that he gave me and Jeannie and how the other dogs looked up to him.

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      1. Yes, no doubt about it. And what also amazed me was when in 2008 Pharaoh and I took the long flight from England to Mexico to be with Jean and all her dogs, first with British Airways from Heathrow to LAX and then Aero Mexico down to Hermosillo in Mx, he never hesitated, never balked at the strangeness of it all, never once was uncertain. In the BA cabin I deliberately chose a seat over the top of where he was situated in the hold. Wonderful, wonderful dog.

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