Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-One

Beautiful puppy Joy!

Recently we went across to a good friend of Jeannie’s to take some photographs of her new puppy. The friend is LaRita and the puppy is Joy. Joy is just eight weeks old and beautifully friendly to strangers. Joy is a puppy Labrador.

So here are the photos.







Finally one wet puppy!

What a beautiful dog!

P.S. All of a sudden WordPress have changed things and I cannot now find how to post the title of the post. I hope it will still be published and that you will enjoy these photos of Joy!

P.P.S. Until I hear back from WordPress or until I can work out the reason why I can’t post titles I shall not be doing more posts. Hopefully it won’t be long!

Update! It was my mistake. WordPress answered my email just a few minutes ago (14:45 PST) and all is sorted.

10 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-One

  1. I see the title of this post as ‘Picture Parade Three Hundred and Ninety-One’ — although the URL is a boring https://learningfromdogs.com/2021/06/06/38838/ .

    WordPress’s changes are irritating me, and others, too. (My own latest glitch is that the text on image captions is defaulting to white, making it impossible to see, on a white background, without first writing something invisible, selecting that invisible text, then changing its colour to black so I can see it. I really don’t understand what these ‘IT design experts’ are playing at, unless it’s to drive us all bonkers!)


      1. I looked into ‘how to give feedback’ to WordPress a short while ago. I wasn’t able to find one… you’d think that a company with a mission to ‘democratize publishing‘ would welcome input from its users, but I’ve been unable to locate anywhere that they actually invite critical feedback.


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