18 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Eighty-One

      1. I’ve been having some trials and tribulations with WordPress of late. Various changes they’ve made to try to sort out the clashes between the old ‘WP-admin’ interface (which has served well for years, I don’t really understand why they need to change it) with the new ‘calypso’ interface have created all sorts of problems. And the ‘Happiness Engineers’ often point to the fact that the theme on my site (‘Twenty Ten’), which has served me very well for the past decade is ‘retired’ — no longer supported — and so they say “sorry, we can’t help you, even though you are paying us for the service” (well, they never actually say that last bit, naturally). It’s been winding me up quite a lot.

        In other news: I’ve been learning Klingon (using duolingo) for the last couple of weeks. That’s been fun! Qapla’ batlh je!


      2. Oh, tell me about it! I am still struggling albeit not as quite as severe as a few days ago. The ‘upgrade’ also came without notice, well as far as I am concerned, and I was pretty upset by the changes. I have been a WordPress user since 2009!

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      3. Yeah, I started using WordPress in the same year. It’s a bit rich when one minute they send you a congratulatory message on ten years with them and the next they foist inadequately tested (and largely unwanted) ‘upgrades’ on you, and all, as you say, without warning. I wouldn’t mind so much if I were a ‘free’ user (TANSTAAFL and all that) but I’m paying them. I thought ‘the customer was always right’? I guess that’s one maxim that’s sliding into the backwaters as things ‘advance’, and ‘progress’ happens….

        The latest whinge I have is that I discovered recently (again, they didn’t actually tell me) that the terms of the WordPress Personal Plan have changed — that link is to a HUGE rant of mine about recent WordPress tribulations… well, you did say to tell you about it 😉


      4. I am also a subscriber, in financial terms, and I haven’t as yet seen the changes to the Personal Plan. Think I will put that off for a while. It’s a lovely sunny afternoon here in Southern Oregon and I am enjoying it!

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