A Picture of your dog!

A wonderful theme from John Brooks

John Brooks is a fellow author in that he writes a blog.

But he is also a dog lover and a contributor from time to time to this blog.

He last contributed in December, 2020 when he wrote about pigs.

So I am delighted once again to feature another article from John.


Reasons to get a pet Portrait

You don’t have to be Andy Warhol or Pablo Picasso to draw artistic inspiration from your pet, but it doesn’t hurt that they were two of the first famous artists to use their pets as muses. Pet portraits have appealed to owners and their friends and loved ones for centuries. Today, many pet owners wouldn’t hesitate to invest in artwork depicting their beloved animals. Here are some reasons to get a pet portrait.

Capture Their Personality

Most pets get fidgety after spending a while in a portrait session. This is why many artists use photos to capture the essence of the pet’s behavior in a natural setting. A custom portrait of your pet can be modern, fun, and informal, depending on the artist you contract. In some cases, artists add elements based on their perception of the pet’s personality.

Artists of pet portraits may start by sketching or painting an image. It’s cheaper to have someone manipulate a digital photo to look like a real painting, but the masterful detail is why people are willing to pay more for a true portrait.

Pet Portraits can Last a Lifetime If Done by Professionals

Pet portraits or photos are beautiful memories. However, poorly done ones are rarely conducive to sentimental reminiscence. It’s important to have experts do them. The best portraits can last for years, maybe even decades.

The more qualified the professional, the more durable the material, and the better the results will be. Expert services can take care of editing and printing for you, make your pets look even more beautiful than they are, and customize photo sizes as needed. People need portraits for different reasons, for example, a traditional Christmas card or phone wallpaper.

To Memorialize your Furry Loved One

Commemorating your pet is an obvious reason to commission a portrait. You want to be reminded of them if they’re not in your life anymore.

Pet Portraits Leave Little Room for Interpretation

Art is almost always open to interpretation. We might wonder whether a blob of paint was made by a kid or an adult who wanted to make some kind of statement. A pet portrait is what it is, the end of the story.

To Support a Cause

You may want to support animals in shelters or make a statement against animal cruelty. You can support any cause by getting your pet’s portrait painted. For example, animal lovers and artists Shayan Asgharnia and Suzanne Donaldson worked on portraits of shelter dogs in collaboration with STAR, a pet rescue organization. The project got other people to save the dogs by adopting them.

If you want to raise awareness of the condition of animals in shelters, there are probably many pet owners and artists in your area who’ll be willing to help.

Finding the Right Artist for Your pet Portrait

You can ask coworkers, friends, or relatives if they’ve used such services or know an artist who does pet portraits. Their recommendation or referral will help provide first-hand feedback on the professional’s services. If nobody can give one, you can look online for artists to work on your pet’s portrait painting. Try Instagram and Etsy by all means. They’re the platforms of choice for creative types. You could do a Google search by typing “pet artist” and your state and city or district.

Pet artists work with watercolor, charcoal, oil, or acrylic paint. More specialized professionals can work on glass, metal, wood, and other less common canvases. They also have various creative outputs and styles. Some are best at comic paintings. Others excel at illustrations. Still, others do traditional portraits only. Before you decide to get in touch with an artist, look at their work samples carefully.

Image source:


There is so much good advice in this post from John.

Pictures and photographs mean so much especially when one wants to remember loved ones who have died in previous years.

Jean has painted her pet dogs for many years and the paintings are here at home.

Let me close this post by remembering Pharaoh.

One very great animal! (March 25th, 2014)


Puppy Pharaoh in the arms of Sandra Tucker of Jutone Breeders in Devon, UK. September, 2003.


TIMOTHY BULLARD/Daily CourierPaul Handover with Pharaoh, a 12year-old German Shepard that he uses on the cover of his new book about man’s best friend.

Yes, there is no question that pictures are the best.

Postscript: Overnight, the 24th that is, WordPress decided to significantly upgrade their software. So when I was writing this post during the 25th I was struggling at times. I hope it comes out alright.

12 thoughts on “A Picture of your dog!

      1. Monika, I sat for a few minutes just thinking about you and your Sam wondering what I could add. Then I realised that there is nothing save, maybe, to give you a (virtual) hug!

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  1. A professional photographer took far better photos of my dog Buster. Glad I spent the money as he died a month later.


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