Picture Parade Three Hundred and Seven

These are really gorgeous!

And republished with full permission!

My wife & I do volunteer work for a breed specific dog rescue, the Shiba Inu Rescue Association. Actually my wife does the work & I drive the car, offer words of encouragement and take photos. Yesterday we met up with Several Shibas & their owners. For those not familiar with this breed, they are a small Japanese dog, averaging 18 to 20 lbs although some are as small as 10 lbs & others 30 lbs or more. They are, genetically, still very close to wolves. Their coat color varies a bit but primarily, as seen below, either red, black & tan or creamy. We have over the years fostered and placed in new “forever homes” approx. 25 dogs. They are extremely intelligent and very “cat like” in their temperament.




I loves me a gooood stick


Treats? Did someone say treats?


Take that camer, and shove it….


Little dog, big dreams.

All taken from here.

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