Gentle souls

This was the post that I had planned for the 20th.

But a power failure across quite a large area of Oregon rather stopped things in their tracks. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful post and I ‘borrowed’ the photograph to close Colette’s story last Monday. Here’s a repeat of that close:

Colette’s story didn’t come with a photograph. So I thought I would do a quick web search and find a picture that fitted Colette’s story well.

In fact, the article that included this photograph may be republished and I will be doing that tomorrow!

The article was seen here and I trust may be republished in this place!


Everyone Else Walked Past This Homeless Guy And His Dog, But One Guy Didn’t. This Is Heartbreaking.

In my city (Paris, France) there is a homeless man…

Every day he is begging, always at the same place. Despite ‘his situation,’ he is always smiling and says “hello” or “have a good day” even to people who don’t donate to him.

This man has a dog who is as gentle as he is. It never barks or shows its teeth. Many people say this man is dumb, having a dog when he can barely feed himself. Despite being summer in France, mornings are often cold.

One morning, I was walking and I saw him with his dog. He was hugging him tightly. They were very cold.

It was so cold, seeing those two felt like a knife to the heart. I thought about them all day, even though I don’t have a lot of money, I decided to do something.

The next morning I told my boss I was taking the morning off. I took one of my blankets, bought a whole box of food for the dog, and as much food for the man as I could carry.

I bought two coffees and asked if I could sit and talk with him for a few minutes. He agreed.

I asked him why he was there and he asked me why I was speaking to him.

So I told him “Every day I walk to work. And every day everyone around me seems so sad except for you. You are always smiling. You always seem so happy despite your living conditions and every day you warm my heart. Every day I tell myself that even if it’s a bad day and I am not as happy as I want to be, here’s this man living on the street who seems happier than I am despite that he has nothing.”

He stopped me and said “I have something, something that you can’t value. It’s this little boy in my arms (the dog).”

I asked him how he found this dog and he told me:

“One day I asked myself why I was still living if I was just going to be begging for my survival. I had no one to think about, and no one who would miss me if I died. So it was two years ago when I was on the bridge when I was about to commit suicide and then this little guy came, barking at me and even biting my cloths, preventing me from jumping. So I gave him the last cookie I had in my pocket. He was so happy that I cried and decided not to jump. Since that moment, he’s all I have and he is like my child. Sometimes he goes off for a walk and returns with something for both of us to eat (piece of cake, half eaten sandwich, etc…). He always wants to sleep next to me.”

I asked him if he had ever found a place at a homeless shelter and he told me something that brought me to tears. “8 months ago, I was offered a place to sleep, something to eat and a warm place to stay. Thing is, dogs were not allowed. So I declined the offer. This guy is all I have left and I would rather die than abandon him. When I thought that I had nothing, this little boy taught me love and gave me something to live for. I can never thank him enough for that. When people give me money, I always buy food for him. I only buy human food when I have everything he needs. I sometimes hear people telling me that I am dumb for having him, and I say to them ‘maybe he’s an animal, but he’s given me more love than any human I have ever met and for that, I will never let him go hungry.’”

Hearing that, I gave him the blanket and the food. He thanked me like no one ever has. He said that thanks to me, Bobby (the dog) would eat well and never be cold again.

And then for reasons I still can’t explain, I gave him a piece of paper, wrote my address on it, tied it to the dog’s collar and said “you don’t have to worry anymore. If someday something bad happens to you, I will take care of Bobby. He will never be alone.”

Then he cried. That day I saw the happiest man in my life and I wish you could have seen the same.

Story originally sourced here.


I’m speechless!

(But will only underline how much we can learn from our dogs!)

21 thoughts on “Gentle souls

    1. Likewise Susan. I always read out the next post aloud to Jeannie the evening before it is published. Despite the fact that I knew what the story was all about I still chocked up last night. Not every dog but the vast majority of them offer us funny humans a very loving friendship. They are precious animals!

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  1. Feeling a bit choked up. It resonates that I have read this post at the same time as your tribute to Pharaoh.

    Surely, this is confirmation on just how much dogs know and feel about us.

    It shows just how much love and understanding can be shown cross species!

    What a lovely woman to offer to give his dog a home, should anything happen to him. I am sure if that is the case, the dog will remember her. 💕


    1. Colette, I read your reply and the one to my Pharaoh post many hours ago when I first awoke. But didn’t respond because I wanted to come up with something different to my usual reply.
      But a busy Saturday has not allowed the sensitive side of my brain to express truly my feelings to your two replies, to this post and my tribute to Pharaoh, and what they generated inside of me.
      In fact, all that has happened is that for many of the hours from the time I read your replies, around 05:45 PDT to now, around 16:00 PDT, while getting on with the day I have also been lost in some mental backwater trying to answer the questions of “What does it all mean?” and “What is my personal philosophy of life?”
      It has resulted in a degree of clarity; to the extent that I will be writing a post for publication in a few days time.
      I would extend your idea about cross-species love and understanding to include dogs, their human friends, and like-minded humans who reach out across the virtual oceans of the internet.
      THANK YOU!

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