13 thoughts on “Those pesky stairs

  1. When Ray came home with us from our local Humane Society, we knew nothing about his past except what was speculated by the shelter staff. When we him let out of the car and watched him try and negotiate four steps up to our front porch, it was obvious that he had no idea how to handle stairs/steps. He could see what his front paws were doing…but the back ones? How would he handle going down the steps to the back garden? One of our first training goals suddenly became to get him used to steps!

    Full details are in his book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”


  2. I noticed that there’s no footage of the puppy climbing up the stairs…
    Reminds me of years ago when I used to keep hamsters. Not quite the same, but they too could and did learn how to use the stairs. To sometimes great comical effect 🙂


    1. I sort of presumed that the owner of the puppy had carried the dog up the stairs. But only a guess! Love the idea of your hamsters learning to climb stairs; presumably carpeted stairs!

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