Getting too old for this!

This wasn’t what I had planned for today ….

….. but I only managed to get my office back to some form of functionality late yesterday afternoon.

So some peeks into the last few days..

The installers arrived bright and early on Saturday morning.

But I guess one advantage of us starting to get used to the house being upside down, it having been like this since the 11th, was that the dogs were pretty relaxed about the whole affair.

Not quite sure that Jeannie and me were so cool about the chaos that had surrounded us for so many days now.

Then the picture below was the state of my office Sunday afternoon.

But the one great bonus was that the smoke in the air from nearby forest fires meant that yesterday’s sunrise was a very beautiful sight.

Hopefully, good people, back to more normal times tomorrow. (And the new floor does look great!)

20 thoughts on “Getting too old for this!

  1. Paul, I take it, from your photos, that the original skirting board around the bottom edge of the room was lifted and removed completely?


    1. Hello Marg. Previously there was carpet laid right to the bottom edge of the walls, the carpet held down by runs of wood ties nailed to the covering board across the floor. In other words, there was no skirting board.

      Does that explain it to you?


  2. Glad you’re rounding the bend on your home improvement project, but sad to hear the fires are still raging in MT, for sure … it was really smokey when I traveled through there a few weeks ago. Hope the air clears soon for you all! ❤


  3. I’m so glad that all is well on the home forint now. The flooring took some times but I’m assuming the installers did a stupendous job. You will love the flooring more and more.


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