Picture Parade One Hundred and Ninety

Sent to me by neighbour Janet Goodbrod.

(There may be a couple of duplicates from a previous picture parade but so what! They are still gorgeous!)





Another set, thanks to Janet, coming along in a week’s time.

21 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Ninety

  1. I love the slide with the dog who has overcome the human barricade. It reminded me so much of my Boxer, Sophie. When she was a puppy she used to escape every barrier we erected. Another terrific parade, Paul!


  2. Thanks Paul – some great photos. The dog on the couch – why wouldn’t dogs (and cats) want to be on the couch and the bed? We do – it’s more comfy!
    That last photo reminds me of the time my lab entered a stream with a decomposing wallaby in it (and started munching – yuk!). Well, I also slipped in up to my knees trying to pull him out. The smell emanating from both of us was unreal. Just as well my car seats were leather and I could simply wash them down with disinfectant. Of course, as soon as we entered the house, it was me and Max together straight into the shower. Not so great at the time but I can laugh about it now.


    1. Oh Marg, that is a Grade A mucky story! 🐶 And described so clearly by you.

      We agree with you about dogs on the bed. Both Sweeny and Pedy sleep on our bed every night. When it’s a cold night Pedy crawls in under the covers and down to where our legs are. I wonder at times how he manages to breathe but it doesn’t seem to bother him.


  3. Hahaha! I totally can attest to the dog going into the water the minute he is left off of the leash. When I took my puppy, Sophie, to the park downtown, and let her off of the leash, she ran straight for and jumped into the fountain /creek in the middle of the park that was built in for aesthetics. I, at first, was terrified Sophie was going to drown, then, after Daniel pulled her out and she was safe, I was embarrassed! However, the people at the park thought is was super funny, and now, looking back, I think it was really funny, too.


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