Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Seven

Today’s Picture Parade is devoted to remembering Paloma

Just five precious photographs.



Here at Oregon, January 26th, 2014.


This one is especially poignant as it shows (L-R) Lilly, Hazel and Paloma. All three of them are no longer with us.


Paloma, December 29th 2011


Such a special lady in a world of such special dogs.

34 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Seven

  1. She was beautiful, Paul. I hope Jean is okay. I know when you lose a companion the ensuing days are rough.
    I also hope you are well since you have had a rough year.
    Take care & I will continue to send thoughts out to the universe.


    1. Thank you, Susan.

      Yes, it’s been a challenging time since my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last September through to the loss of Paloma just now. This isn’t the end either because dear, wonderful Pharaoh can’t have too many months ahead of him. His rear hip dysplasia is very bad now.

      But the messages of love from them, including my mother in her own funny way, are the enduring theme.

      So, too, the messages of love that flow around and about this blog. xxxxx ❤

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  2. I always think it is wonderful to have photo’s and these are wonderful memories to keep of Paloma Paul… I found one of my old cat, the one who was 21 the other day while searching to show my granddaughter some old photo’s… Sigh… So brought back the memories of that day…
    Sending continued thoughts Paul.. and Much love to you and Jean xx

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    1. That’s how she was at the end. I have my fingers crossed that one of the nurses, who stayed on after-hours as did Dr. Russell, and took a picture on her ‘smart’ phone, will email it to me soon. It should be added to the collection of memories of Paloma.


  3. Those beautiful dog’s spirit lives on in the air you breathe, the green of the trees, the beating wings of a hummingbird, the house where they lived and where ever they ran and played. I hope you and Jean feel their presence when things are rough and in the quiet of the night.


    1. Wow! Wow! And Wow!

      There is something wondrous about the nature of the human consciousness that still escapes science. Neither me nor Jean are believers in a ‘God’ or subscribe to religious ‘factions’ for so much pain, war and suffering may be laid at the feet of religions (excuse my rant!), but ….

      But there is something magical in “the air you breathe, the green of the trees, the beating wings of a hummingbird,” that defies definition. I like to think of it as a deep, connection with the planet that is our womb and sustains us.

      This really smacked into me in back in the early 90’s; something that forever changed me. That something I experienced roughly about 4 days out in a solo sailing passage from the Azores to Plymouth. I came up on deck, clipped on, and looked around me. Primarily on the lookout for steaming lights that might indicate a ship in the same patch of ocean. It was after midnight. Having checked there wasn’t a ship in sight, I looked up at what was a totally cloud-free night sky.

      What I saw were stars in that night sky that were visible 360 degrees around me. Not only visible in every single direction but visible right down to the edge of that black, ocean horizon. A huge celestial dome centered over this tiny me on my tiny boat. (A Tradewind 33: Songbird of Kent.)

      It put into perspective, emotionally, visibly, intellectually and spiritually, how irrelevant one human being is and yet, how each of us is, or should be, the custodian of something immeasurably precious and beautiful: Planet Earth.

      (Whoops! Sorry about that! Rather wandered off topic!)

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      1. What you have written is on topic. It is on topic because it makes sense to me for it is a combination of your way of thinking and of mine as well and thus it is relevant. You are not ranting but stating something very obvious. Earth is precious and we need to protect this gem. Now it seems we, (humans) are hell bent on destroying our beautiful planet.

        You had a very unique experience and I liked reading your perspective of the universe. You wrote it so beautifully.

        Additionally, I will say/write that I’m not a bible thumper(don’t believe their is a merciful God) nor do I go to church. I have a belief but it is solely my belief in that I think sentient beings have a soul or a spirit that lives on in the form of all living things.

        Thank you for your wonderful reply.


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