Nighty, night Paloma

Now we are seven!

It’s approaching 6:30pm here in Oregon.

Jean and I have just returned from taking Paloma to Lincoln Road Vet Clinic.

The reason being is that not two hours ago, Jean and I came into the house to find Paloma paralyzed in both rear legs.

Dr. Russell Codd at the clinic determined via an X-ray that a spinal disc had ‘popped’ and contacted a spinal nerve, hence the paralysis.

My planned post for tomorrow is postponed. I’ll write a eulogy for Paloma and publish it instead.


27 thoughts on “Nighty, night Paloma

  1. Mercy it just does not cease. My sincere sympathy to you and Jean. This must have been an awful shock. I am deeply sorry that Paloma had to be put down. Please find solace in the fact that you gave your pet all the love and care possible. I assume that Paloma was a rescue from Mexico and was a very special dog.


    1. Yes, you are correct about how Jean took on Paloma as in her, Paloma that is, being rescued from a Mexican street.

      Yes, it was also a very sudden shock especially coming so soon after Casey.

      Yes, your kind thoughts are most gratefully received. Thank you.


  2. PS, I know Val would also send her well wishes to you both.. But seeing a post from her, she is experiencing difficulties commenting and mentioned your blog as being one that her comments wouldn’t register.. xxx


  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. We are down to two from six. I know Paloma will be missed by both you and your wife and the other four legged children in your house.


    1. Kim, what a sad way to welcome you; if you get my drift. Thank you so much for your loving thoughts. I shall be publishing the details of how Paloma came into Jean’s life just as soon as I am washed and dressed and taken the dogs out for a spell. Once again, welcome to this place.


  4. Oh, no, Paul!!! I’m so sorry my friend! It is hard to believe and not so long ago, Casey. I know words can’t take away the pain but you have my thoughts and I’m sending you both my love and hugs.


  5. Marina, as we were driving Paloma across to see Dr. Codd, the vet, it was haunting me in the sense that it seemed just a flick of an eyelid ago that we were driving across with Casey.

    But your thoughts and all the precious expressions of caring from everyone do make a difference. To a degree they do take away the pain because I truly believe that love washes away pain. There has been so much love sent our way.


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