You will adore this

We can never have too many heroes. Especially if they are dogs!

Just read this gorgeous story that appeared on the Care2 site on January 14th.


Shelter Dog Nobody Wanted Alerts New Owners to Gas Leak

3198309-largeBy: Laura Goldman   January 14, 2017

13 thoughts on “You will adore this

    1. Yes, no question about that so far as Jeannie and I are concerned. Of the nine dogs we have here, seven are ex-rescues, and there is something almost beyond words about the way they relate to us.

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  1. That is a beautiful uplifting story. I love these people for what they decided to do for this beautiful soul. I saw something awful on facebook yesterday (I wish I hadn’t and I can’t get it out of my head), stories like this will help me to refocus on happy doggy tales instead of awful ones. Thank you.


    1. Totally agree. So many selfless people that reach out with love and caring to so many animals that otherwise would lead desperate lives. Barbara, my very great pleasure to write for you, and everyone else.


  2. Lots of people passed up a treasure. Thank goodness that family knew a good thing when it came along. And their reward? Well I just can’t put it into words. Such a smart dog who will be forever grateful to her human family.


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