22 thoughts on “First Winter Snow

  1. Thanks for the lovely photo. As I write this, Australia is well into Christmas Day – and it’s a hot one! It’s my goal to experience at least one truly white Christmas in my lifetime.
    I know you’re not religious Paul. Neither am I. But I regard this as a season of goodwill above all and some marvellous enduring music of old. My sincere best wishes to you and Jean and all the marvellous best friends who inhabit your house. 🙂


    1. I recall my days of living in Sydney and Christmas Day never felt quite right!

      Turning to your very kind wishes for Jean and me and the ‘gang’ they are very much our very best friends.

      We wish you and your family much goodwill in turn and long may it last.


  2. Merry Winter Solstice, Paul and followers!
    That mountain fascinates me. 3,000 feet up in your backyard! Wow. Well chosen! How far are from the sea too (as we are at it!).. And from Shasta?


    1. Thank you, Patrice, and our wishes this Solstice are sent to you as well. Merlin, where we live, is about 80 miles due East from the Pacific coast. Uncertain about the distance to Shasta but the Californian border is 65 miles South on I-5.


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