For Dollar and all the other lost dogs.

A beautiful amendment to this blog!

Last Thursday, I published a post under the name of Affairs Of The Heart.

There was a reply from Asha:

My mom still cries for my pet GSD we lost 15 years ago to illness. There are no words to describe that loss.

I asked Asha what was the name of that dearly loved German Shepherd. She replied that it had been called Dollar. That then gave me an idea.

Thanks. Indeed, it just crossed my mind that there could be a page on this blog where readers leave the names and a few words of past loved dogs. Would that work for you?

Asha replied, “Oh wow! That so melted my heart.”

So I have just finished setting up a page Keep Their Memories Alive. You will see it listed on the sidebar next under the link for Try The Book For Free.

When you click on the link under the heading Keep Their Memories Alive you will go here:

We Shall Not Forget Them.

For millions, the relationship between a person and their dog is precious beyond words. Do you still grieve the loss of your wonderful dog? Let us all know what your dog meant to you. Write whatever you want. Leave it as a thought to this page.

I am hoping that Asha will be first to leave a message for Dollar. I am hoping that many of you will leave a message so that all of us will not forget the love we have received from our departed furry friends.

Thank you Dollar!

NB: I may have overlooked whether or not comments can be attached to a page under WordPress. If not, I will come up with a fix very soon. In the meantime, leave your thoughts as a response to this post.

13 thoughts on “For Dollar and all the other lost dogs.

  1. Reblogged this on Pen and Paper and commented:
    I read this and the memory of my little Katie Bell, never far from my thoughts, was a little long-haired Dachshund. I still grieve for her, my beautiful little girl. She could say “mommy” clearly (she called to me everyday) and tried to talk to me in her very broken English. I miss her so much. I was blessed to have her with me for 12 years. Thank you for posting this about our lost little angels.

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  2. Dear Paul, You’ve touched my heart with such a considerate gesture. Sadly, I failed to be the first one to post this but nonetheless. As I read through your post, I was reliving each of those few memories I could recollect with Dollar. I was only 10 years old when we lost him and that was 19 years ago, and yet somehow it feels just yesterday. How my dad rocked him in his lap in his final moments, is a memory that leaves my eyes moist.
    You have a heart of gold to remember him this way and for doing so much for our pet better-halves. Loads of love to you! 🙂


    1. Asha, that was very sweet of you to say that. Thank you! Reading how your Dad cared for Dollar at the end shows that your love for dogs, and I suspect all other animals, is in your family DNA.

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