CBD Oil feedback

Just wanted to share our early results with you.

Back on the 13th September, I published a post under the title of Listening to our pets in more difficult times. I mentioned that Pharaoh was suffering pain in his rear hip joints and struggling at times to get up on all four feet and that we had started giving him Rimadyl.

One of the subsequent comments was from Pets, People, And Life who wrote:

Don’t wait around for a vet to tell you that your dog is in pain. You live in a state with legal MJ plus hemp oil is legal in all 50 states. I give CBD oil to my BC X Aussie 12 year old dog. He could not get up and yelped in pain before I began giving him 0.7ml daily that I drizzle over his food., After second dose he could stand up without help. Now he walks and runs with fluid movements of all limbs. It is totally safe and doesn’t require expensive tests, The danger of Rimadyl and other meds in that class used to treat arthritis, is that these types of meds cause kidney damage and your pet will have a shortened life span. Hemp oil works like a charm with no side effects.

We did some research and came across the following brand of Hemp (CBD) Oil specifically for dogs. We ordered it and it arrived last Saturday. Jean did not delay in adding* it twice a day to the food for both Pharaoh and Paloma.

p1160480Here we are at the end of Tuesday, at the time of writing this post, and already we can see observable improvements in both dogs.

Yes, it’s early days but I wanted to share this with you now.

There will be a more extensive report from me once these dogs have been using the oil for a few weeks.

  • One dropperful twice a day for Pharaoh, approx. 105 lbs, and half a dropperful twice a day for Paloma, approx. 45 lbs.

27 thoughts on “CBD Oil feedback

  1. That’s great news. Yvonne really knows her stuff. As well as being a former nurse, I think her daughter works/worked in a vet practice too, so a wealth of knowledge in the family. Plus Yvonne is an experienced animal owner too. I would def try any recommendation of hers. It’s difficult for us animal lovers, we want to do the best for our dogs/cats/chickens/horses/whatever but that shouldn’t mean dosing them up with drugs if there are safer natural alternatives.

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      1. I can do erlichiosis (tick disease) from wherever to breakfast time, but Y has much broader and more expert knowledge across the animal spectrum. Many of us learn through experience. Hopefully to the benefit of our animals and not the reverse.


    1. May be worth checking that. Reason why is while hemp oil for human use is not widely legal, for animal use it may be. I would be very happy to call Pet Releaf and see if there have more details.

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  2. I have read so much about the benefits of hemp oil lately for humans but not for animals so that’s wonderful news Paul.
    My shih-tzu Poppy has a steroid injection (Cartrophen) every two months for her arthritis and I do worry about the long term effects. I’d like to try the oil on her but here in Queensland it’s still illegal.


  3. Ooo thanks for sharing, I had never heard of this before! I will let my future mother in law know as her staffy has stiff back legs after rupturing a disc so it may help him but I need to check the legality of it here.


  4. John, Barb and everyone else. I have just finished speaking with Alina Smith of Pet Releaf in Colorado. Alina and her husband, Steve, founded the firm.

    They are going to forward me information to help those who are living outside the USA or otherwise having problems accessing CBD Hemp Oil. When it comes through I will make it a separate post.


  5. I missed this post somehow last week. I was meeting myself coming and going with appointments for my son and my sis. Anyhoo, I go back over my email notices every few days and saw that I had not opened your WP notice.

    I’m happy to know that you are trying hemp oil. It has helped several of my animals to live pain free. I’ve been giving hemp oil to my BC X Aussie mix for over a year. He continues to do very well. Sometimes you might need to up the dosage if your pet has a “bad day.”

    For the past year I have kept one cat with lymphoma alive and looking healthy. The hemp stimulates his appetite. It also has enabled my cat to tolerate the chemo med that is used to treat the lymphoma.

    Hemp oil has many uses, including use for humans as well. I’m hoping that you will continue to see good results with this natural product.

    Best regards,
    Yvonne Daniel


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