Welsh Sheepdogs

Congratulations to the BBC for a fascinating documentary.

Recently the BBC aired a documentary about Kate Humble and her journey to have her dog, Teg, registered as a Welsh sheepdog by the Welsh Sheepdog Society. It was fascinating and a ‘must see’ for all dog lovers irrespective of their residency in Wales or not! The programme, that is no longer available (still on BBC iPlayer at the time of writing), was described on the BBC website, thus:

When Kate Humble decides she wants to breed from her dog Teg, she finds out that her beloved pet is a Welsh sheepdog. She sets out to learn more about this little-known and endangered breed, and discovers that a true Welsh sheepdog is a working dog. Kate wants Teg and her future puppies to be certifiably Welsh, and sets out to train Teg to work in the traditional Welsh way. Teg shows willing, and Kate works on her own shepherding skills, but will the demanding experts from the Welsh Sheepdog Society be impressed by the pair’s performance?

However, some smart soul has uploaded the episode to YouTube so if you want to watch it do so quickly before it is removed.

Published on Aug 15, 2016

Kate Humble sets out to breed Welsh sheepdog puppies from her beloved pet Teg, and learns about the threat facing British herding dogs. A true Welsh sheepdog is a working dog, and so Kate sets out to train Teg to work in the traditional Welsh way. Along the way, she meets a team of researchers at the University of Aberystwyth, whose groundbreaking DNA research reveals some remarkable facts about the Welsh sheepdog. If Teg can produce a litter of healthy Welsh sheepdog puppies, she can play a big part in helping one of Britain’s unique herding dogs survive for generations to come.

I’m going to continue this item tomorrow for there’s more information that I think you will find interesting.

But for now, watch the documentary – you’ll love it!

10 thoughts on “Welsh Sheepdogs

  1. Border Collies – dare I say, the best? Maybe I shouldn’t. The craziest, amazingly sensitive and perceptive persons I’ve ever known. Yes, ‘persons’. I miss my Nellie.


      1. Just watched it Paul – a marvellous program and I really thoroughly enjoyed. Still, those Welsh Sheepdogs aren’t as pretty as Border Collies, and my Nellie was the prettiest Border Collie of them all! 😉


  2. This is was interesting. Loved every minute of the doc. The dogs were all so talented and beautiful. And oh my, the scenery. Love the look of Wales and the wonderful folks that live there. I will look forward to your next post.

    To add my two cents. The herding dogs are my great love. I’ve owned 2 and now still have one of mixed breed- Puppy that is Border Collie x Australian Shepherd. He is the smartest dog that I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. He is now about 12 years.


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