Picture parade forty-nine.

Devoted to one cute little fella’.

Just last Tuesday, I posted the news that we had welcomed young puppy Ollie. (It was later that day that we decided on the renaming from ‘Smokey’ to ‘Ollie’.)

Anyway, at the end of that post I said that Sunday’s picture parade would be devoted to some further pictures of the young man.  So here they are!

First, a further couple of pictures from that same day that Ollie arrived; the 16th.

As may be seen, Pharaoh (RHS) and Cleo accepted this young puppy in moments.  A real delight to see how smoothly it went.

A Shepherd Sandwich!
A Shepherd Sandwich!

Then during the afternoon of the 16th, I grabbed this lovely study of Ollie looking out over new pastures; so to speak!

Just a gorgeous picture of the young lad!

Ollie was due a couple of injections so on the 19th he was taken to our local veterinarian establishment.

Mummy, I feel a bit uncertain of all this!

(Aren’t those eyes of his just beautiful!)

Before Ollie could say ‘bone’ it was all done and time to go home!

The good Doctor Goodbrod!
The good Doctor Goodbrod!

But not before Ollie was given his puppy kit by Jasmine!  (Who is a bit of an animal person as well!)

Jasmine and NutNut.
Jasmine and NutNut.

The day after the visit to the Vet’s office, I chose the following shot from number of photographs taken on the 20th.  It just seemed to convey the friendship and trust that had so quickly developed between Ollie and Cleo.

Ollie and Cleo!

The final photograph for today was taken early in the morning on Mid-Summer’s Day.

A contemplative moment!
A contemplative moment!

Make no mistake, Ollie is full of all the wonderful ‘charms’ of a young puppy dog but he is a very smart, sensitive individual and a wonderful addition to our home.  Very difficult to believe that today, this Sunday, we haven’t even had him for one week.

10 thoughts on “Picture parade forty-nine.

    1. Your comment is so much appreciated. Thank you. Yes, Ollie’s eyes are just captivating. Interestingly, it was Jean who noticed that Ollie is yet another dog who looks very directly into one’s eyes.


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos! Why did you change his name from Smokey to Ollie? Smokey seemed like a good name because of the colour of his coat.


    1. One again, love having a comment from you. We didn’t think the name matched his fur colour or his character. So voted for ‘Oliver’ or ‘Ollie’ being the better dog version of the same. He is turning out to be a real little champion. Oh, do take a good look at tomorrow’s post! Fondest love, Bro. Paul.


    1. Hearing him pee on the bedroom carpet before 5am this morning did take the edge off his good looks! But, yes, he is going to grow into a beautiful dog. Thanks RO.


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