Meet the dogs – Casey

On to dog number five.

If you are new to this series then Ruby’s story of last week will link you to all the dogs written about so far.  Today, here is Jean’s account of how Casey became part of the family.



Casey, at home; picture taken a month ago.
Casey, at home; picture taken a month ago.

Every Friday, the Payson Roundup newspaper would devote a full page to the Humane Society, displaying some of the cats and dogs they had for adoption. I would read about each animal and quietly wish I could bring them all home.

I was particularly taken with one dog that had appeared several times in this Friday page.  His name was Casey and he was a six-year-old Pit Bull mix.  Unfortunately, at home (we were then living in Payson, AZ) we were ‘maxed out’ with a total of 14 dogs in three different sections of our house.  We just couldn’t take Casey.

I had volunteered to be a dog-walker at the Humane Society dog shelter.  But after two sessions walking dogs, I just couldn’t look at these sad little faces without breaking down in tears. I switched my efforts to working at the Society’s Thrift Store.  That was great fun and, at least, it felt as though I was still helping the animals. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with the animal shelter.  They did their utmost to re-home the animals in their care.

Ruby’s ‘pack’ here at home included Phoebe and Tess, rescue dogs from Mexico.   Recently, Phoebe had died with leukaemia and Tess with bone cancer leaving Ruby on her own.  Ruby was a dog that didn’t mix at all well with the other dogs, as was explained in last week’s post.

The next Friday, the Payson Roundup showed the Society’s ‘lonely hearts club’, highlighting animals that had been in care for a long time.  The first dog shown was Casey.  I telephone Chandra, the lady responsible for adoptions, and asked if Paul and I could bring Ruby to the shelter to find a companion for her. When we were at the shelter, Chandra asked us if we had anything against Pit Bulls. Of course we didn’t.  Ruby was introduced to Casey and, as they say, the rest was history.  Casey and Ruby right from the start were just wonderful together.

Ruby behind Casey.
Ruby behind Casey.

Subsequently, I learned from Chandra that Casey had been in care for over a year and, had we not taken him home, his days were numbered at the shelter.  There were many cheers and tears when I signed the adoption paper for Casey.

Casey now lives in the kitchen group here in Oregon: Paloma, Ruby, Lilly and Casey.  As with all our dogs, Casey is so happy to have our 14 acres to play in.  He is also the sweetest natured of dogs and will try to climb on to your lap at the first opportunity.  I have always been a great advocate of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes and have never come across a mean one.

Thus, if you are in the position to adopt a dog, please consider Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes for the Pit Bull is a much-maligned breed.

Casey demonstrating a dog's focussing skills!
Casey demonstrating a dog’s focussing skills!


Meet dog number six next week.

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