The lone Ranger.

The story of a horse.

You will recall that yesterday I very briefly mentioned our trip to visit Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, our meeting with Darla and the outcome.  Namely, that subject to an adoption agreement being signed and approved we hope to be able to adopt Ranger.

Here is Ranger’s story.


Ranger is believed to be a quarter-horse (a quarter thoroughbred, as I now have learnt) that earlier on in his life was a roping and barrel-racing horse.  Ranger is a little over 15 hands.

He has been abused in the past.  Evidenced by the scars of previous ill-fitting saddles and from being wary of having his ears touched.

Originally Ranger came to Strawberry Mountain because he was found abandoned and starving in an Oregon forest.  After he became a settled horse at Strawberry, he was adopted out to a family.  But after some months of being ridden he threw his riders by spinning so quickly they came off.

He came back to Darla and eventually was adopted out to a different home.  But after some months with his next owners, the habit of spinning riders off his back resurfaced.

Back he came to Darla but his age, he is about 15 years-old, and not being a secure riding horse were against him.  Darla was unhopeful that he would ever be found a home.

Hallo, my name's Jean.  Will you come and live with us, Ranger?
Hallo, my name’s Jean. Will you come and live with us, Ranger?

But in our case, I don’t know how to ride and Jean is not interested in riding Ranger.  His age is a bonus because it reduces the odds of Ranger outliving Jean and me.  So Ranger seemed like a perfect match.

Jean and Ranger getting to know each other.
Jean and Ranger getting to know each other.

So that’s where we are just now.  As we progress in getting our fencing done and our adoption approved (fingers crossed) then there will be more to report.  We have come a long way from wild mustangs but this truly feels like the most sensible way to help given that our experience and facilities are not sufficient for us to handle a rescued Mustang.

P.S. the comments and the ‘Likes’ to yesterday’s post were wonderful.  Both Jean and I are touched beyond measure.

14 thoughts on “The lone Ranger.

  1. The pictures yesterday AND today are wonderful! Needless to say, the story it self touched me. Then yesterday, Sierra and Matthew were here for a few hours…I showed them the pics from your trip to Strawberry Mountain (?), with you and Jean befriending the horses. She also noted the rough looking patch on Ranger’s back, from ill fitting saddles. They both want copies of the pics…and Sierra wanted an earlier on of a Mustang, and a shaggy looking one which she figured is a Black Stallion’Yes…all of us are enjoying this adventure with you and Jean!!! Keep us posted. Hugs ! mag.


  2. So glad to know that you and Jean are adopting such a needy mustang like Ranger. I wish you all the best and Ranger also in your new journey together. May he learn to trust you. Blessings


  3. Fingers crossed! Ranger looks happy already. 🙂 You and your wife are such generous people. Cheers to you!


    1. Jean’s the generous one when it comes to loving animals. She rescued feral dogs in Mexico for many years. In fact, of the nine dogs we have here 5 are ex-rescues. Without Jean in my life I wouldn’t have realised just how much love dogs give me. Anticipate that Ranger will soon fall under Jean’s loving influence.

      Thank you so much for your comment, Paul


  4. Love these pictures of Jean and Ranger. Poor guy still looks quite thrifty after his recent illness. He’ll be plumped up and perky again in no time!


    1. Thanks Darla. We have ordered the gates and fencing (Bayco from DMA, Roseburg) and would hope to have it all in place ready for Ranger by the end of the month.


  5. I guess I should hold back my horse jokes, and show proper reverence… Just this. Once I met a wild mare in the American West in a forest (not a joke). She was approachable enough (I offered her food). Then I mounted her. It went rather well, until, later, when I came of an encore, she kicked me. I have ridden (hard) fighting stallions in Africa… And never got kicked.


  6. I can see ranger fitting in nicely to your wonderful household.. And Jean will make an excellent Horse Whisperer.. 🙂 Beautiful photo’s and Good luck in getting everything prepared and sorted .. 🙂 Sue


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