Picture parade seventeen

Still they keep on coming.

A week ago, the last set of the gorgeous pictures from John Hurlburt was published.  They had been highly enjoyed by you.

To be honest, I had been wondering how on earth I was going to follow them.

Then Chris Snuggs partially came to my aid in sending me the following two pictures.  (Chris has his own blogsite here.)


Now that’s what I call the correct priorities in life!




Then John H. sent me another great set of pictures.  Here’s the first five.











Thank you Chris, thank you John.

More coming in a week’s time.

You all take care out there.

13 thoughts on “Picture parade seventeen

    1. Hi Alex … well, I am sorry, but it will have to be left to your imagination. I get sent and also find lots of stuff on the internet, but much of it comes without much accompanying comment or background explanation.

      However, I guess that animals – and particularly dogs – are a darn sight more intelligent than we sometimes think and somehow understand when a human is doing something for them, even if some pain is concerned.

      And as a Buddhist, I quite look forward to returning as a dog!!! I just hope I find an owner as nice as Paul!!


      1. Chris, that’s more than generous of you. Yes, dogs’ ability to sense a human’s intention is quite remarkable but tempered by one consideration. That the domesticated wolf that went on to become the dog has been around mankind for 50,000 years, give or take. That’s one hell of a lot of time for one species to get to know the other.

        As an example, our dogs here demonstrate what has been known for a little while, and that they know when an owner is coming home. Yesterday, Jean went into Grants Pass and about the time on her return that she turned into Hugo Road, three miles from our driveway, the five dogs that were sleeping here and there, two of them in my office, got incredibly agitated to the point that I let them out just as Jean was coming up to the house.

        But let me repeat my thanks for your comment.



      2. Thanks for your feedback, Chris.

        I have often noted that animals appear to read human minds.


      3. Very early on in Pharaoh’s life, he learned the word ‘walk’ spoken by me. Then I changed to spelling it out, as in “I guess it won’t be long before it’s time to take his nibs for a w-a-l-k.”

        Less than 7 days before Pharaoh worked out the change.

        Then it was reduced to ‘w-a’ – that didn’t work.

        Thank goodness now that we have so much ground, all fenced, here in Oregon that being taken for a walk is not a requirement. Dogs tell us when they want to go out!


      1. Makes you wonder who is the real master in this relationship!!!

        Two dogs chatting through the fence one day:

        “You and your master seem to get on so well. What is your secret?”

        “No secret. I just let him think he’s the boss …”

        I have a feeling my wife takes the same approach ….


      2. Let’s not go there! With nine dogs and a lovely wife the question of who is the boss is a moot one.

        Mind you, just now NaNoWriMo definitely is in charge for November!


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