Remember the days of steam typewriters?

Probably need to be the wrong side of 50 to enjoy this.

If you don’t understand the post title, here’s a picture of an old manual typewriter.

Ah, those were the old days!
Ah, those were the old days!


Now to the video, kindly sent to me by Neil Kelly.

Note: don’t look away as the video runs for just five seconds!

Back to work after a break of thirty years!

5 thoughts on “Remember the days of steam typewriters?

  1. I don’t see a link to the video, but no matter. Regarding use of the old manual typewriter in contrast to the new personal computer, you might be interested in Louis Menand’s hilarious piece “The End Matter: The nightmare of citation” at in the 06 October 2003 issue of the “New Yorker.” In the old days typing in the End Matter of a term paper with a manual typewriter was an excruciating ordeal. Now in the new days typing in the End Matter using a personal computer with Microsoft Word is an even more excruciating ordeal!


  2. That video is hilarious. I don’t really miss using the typewriter, but it is such an iconic symbol I love thinking about those good ol’ days when they were around.


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